5 Beauty Lessons We Learnt From Birthday Girl Rihanna

Written by Harshitha PrabhakarSep 16, 2023
5 beauty lessons we learnt from birthday girl Rihanna

Rihanna has many feathers in her hat and perhaps the one we are most in love with is that of a true beauty icon. She has been dropping gorgeous looks for so many years now that is difficult to pick our favourite ones. But we do have some favourite tricks and lessons we have picked up from her, and we bring the best to you here.


Highlight is everything

Flaunt a bold red lip the ‘Rihanna’ way

She schools us on the strategic use of highlight and how it can play up certain features effectively. When you place highlighter at the highest points of your cheekbones, they ‘lift’ up your features and give you a more defined look.


Define that Cupid’s bow

Flaunt a bold red lip the ‘Rihanna’ way

Everyone is blessed with a Cupid’s bow (that little ‘V’ shaped dent at the centre of your upper lip). All you need to do is highlight it using a little highlighter and define it using a lip pencil by marking an ‘X’ along the ‘V’ and then proceed to fill in your lips with lipstick.


Get your ‘base’ics right

Flaunt a bold red lip the ‘Rihanna’ way

Getting an even and flawless base is of utmost importance for your makeup to look neat and sophisticated. Use a primer to make your foundation and concealer to look even.


A little makeup can go a long way

Flaunt a bold red lip the ‘Rihanna’ way

In order to create a glamorous look, you don’t have to resort to a lot of products or colours. A mono-tonal look, with products applied at the right places can get you looking red carpet ready.


Flaunt a bold red lip the ‘Rihanna’ way

Flaunt a bold red lip the ‘Rihanna’ way

When you have full lips like Rihanna, and you want to go bold with your lip, tone down your eyes with coppery shimmery eyeshadow and inner corner highlight. Coppery tones go very well with a red lip and do not clash for attention with the bold lip.

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