Every woman dreams of smooth and strong pearly-white nails but does little to nothing to achieve them. Just like your skin and hair, your nails too need to be cared for in order to prevent discolouration and brittleness. A hot oil manicure is probably the easiest way to improve the health of your nails.

What is a hot oil manicure?

This relaxing and beneficial nail treatment has gained a lot of popularity in recent times. Instead of hot water that is traditionally used in regular manicures, the hot oil manicure uses a concoction of nourishing oils to repair and moisturise dry and damaged nails. This manicure can be easily done at home and here are all the reasons why you need to get one right away!


01. Strengthens nails

01.	Strengthens nails

While hand creams may help solve the problem of dry hands, your nails and the skin around it still remains dry and prone to damage. A hot oil manicure uses nourishing oils like vitamin E and sesame oil that not only seep into the skin to offer superior nourishment but also strengthen the nails.


02. Improves blood circulation

02.	Improves blood circulation

Dipping your hands in warm oil and massaging them after gets the blood flowing in your hand. This softens the cuticles and skin. Improved blood circulation means glowing, healthy and younger-looking hands.


03. Prevents rough cuticles

03.	Prevents rough cuticles

Cleansing hands regularly with chemical-laden hand washes and alcohol-based sanitizers can lead to dry and overgrown cuticles. There’s nothing more unpleasant than rough and dry cuticles peeling away because it shows you don’t care for your nails enough. A hot oil manicure will prevent dryness and soften your cuticles after just one session.


04. Enhances nail texture

04.	Enhances nail texture

Thin, brittle and uneven nails can be spotted from a distance and they do not look good even if you try to hide them with nail polish. In order to get smooth and strong nails, it is important to look for ways to improve nail texture. The good news is you don’t have to look any further than a hot oil manicure because it helps improve the texture of your nails.


05. Prevents cracking

05.	Prevents cracking

Getting a regular hot oil manicure at the salon or doing it yourself will keep your nails clean, healthy and soften the skin of your hands. When the cuticles are nourished and cared for, the health of your nails will automatically improve and prevent cracking. If you are unable to grow your nails beyond a certain point because they crack too easily, give the hot oil manicure a try and watch your nails grow stronger.