Eyelash Extensions: Weighing The Necessity

Written by Lopa KApr 01, 2024
Eyelash Extensions: Weighing the Necessity

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent lashes that are attached to your natural lash hair and have become quite popular with millennial beauty enthusiasts right now. They are a step above sticking on false lashes and are known to last for many weeks.

The rising popularity of permanent makeup like lip blushing and eyebrow microblading, has made eyelash extensions a sought-after procedure. It is non-invasive, painless and cuts down on makeup time significantly. But given their popularity, do their pros and cons balance out to make them a worthwhile procedure to get?  


Eyelash Extension Basics

FAQs about Eyelash Extensions

Before you make your appointment, let’s investigate what are eyelash extensions, how long do eyelash extensions last and basically any eyelash extension side effects. 

Eyelash Extensions Process 

So, what are eyelash extensions and how exactly are these false eyelashes attached to your natural lash line?  

- The first step consists of a consultation to decide on types of eyelash extensions and which will best suit you. This includes picking the fibre - synthetic, silk or faux-mink, the length and curl type. The final decision is based on what looks closest to your natural lashes such as classic eyelash extensions. However, you can always go OTT and pick volume eyelash extensions or cat eye eyelash extensions, if you are comfortable and ready to commit to doing the maintenance. 

- Next, lash extensions are applied with a tiny, tweezer-like tool to stick individual lashes precisely. The false lash is glued onto each of your own natural lashes with eyelash extension glue.  

- To avoid overdoing it, the process begins with a pulled-back approach on the first round, which can take up to two hours. Once this is done, the technician will go over with a second round, touching up any bald spots. Since your lower lash is covered and glued down, there will be time to let the glue dry and for your eyes to somewhat adjust to the fake eyelashes


Advantages of Eyelash Extensions

FAQs about Eyelash Extensions

Well, there are several pros to having natural eyelash extensions. 

1. They speed up your makeup routine 

Tending to your lashes can take anywhere between 10 to 20 minutes, especially if you are going all out with falsies and having to stick them, curl them and finish with mascara. Eyelash extensions can save you this daily commitment and considerably speed up your makeup process. 

2. They can replace other eye makeup 

Eyelash extensions are statement enough to be worn on their own. They can give your eye a 'wakening' effect and take attention away from dark circles and eye bags. With extensions, you don’t have to put on eye makeup or spend time taking them off at the end of the day. 

3. They can be customized 

Regular falsies come in a standard make and follow a 'one-size-fits-all' approach. Eyelash extensions can be customised according to your desired length, volume, fullness or just something that enhances and shows off your eye shape. You can even get hybrid eyelash extensions or natural eyelash extensions if you are not sure what will suit you. 

4. They avoid mascara and winged eyeliner mishaps 

Winged eyeliner and mascara are some of the most common things that you might mess up while applying your makeup. Cleaning up smudges, clumps and flakes can sometimes 'dirty up' the makeup around your eyes. This issue is completely avoided by getting eyelash extensions! 


Disadvantages of Eyelash Extensions

FAQs about Eyelash Extensions

Apart from the obvious complications such as allergic reactions to eyelash extension glue, there are a couple of cons and eyelash extension side effects. 

1. They are pricey 

Unlike other permanent makeup procedures, lash extensions are pricey. Starter sets can be anywhere between Rs. 3K and 15K. This is based on the types of eyelash extensions you choose and the technician's professional experience. Also, you must get touch-ups done every two to three weeks. Since they are glued onto your natural lashes, they can shed pretty easily, and good quality replacements can cost up to 7K. 

2. They can affect your natural lashes 

Is eyelash extension safe seems to be the biggest question. While the procedure is safe, certain missteps can damage your natural lashes. For instance, places that provide ‘cheaper’ extensions usually stick on a pre-glued cluster of lashes on your natural lash line. This can totally destroy your natural lashes. 

3. Long-term use can result in permanent lash fallout 

Yep, we said it! Getting eyelash extensions on a regular basis can result in long-term and permanent lash fallout. This happens because, sometimes, lash clusters, or even individual lashes, stop your natural lashes from shedding and disrupt their internal rejuvenation process. 

4. They can cause eye infections 

No matter the reputation of the salon you go to, lash extensions use tools and bonding agents close to your eyes. As such, any mishaps can lead to infections, like conjunctivitis, or even glue-induced rashes around the eye area. 

5. They can be quite uncomfortable 

Even though eyelash extensions are designed to be lightweight, they can be quite uncomfortable to get settled into. You are, after all, wearing them all the time - to bed, to the shower and everywhere else. This is especially true for novices in the lash game who do not have much experience with makeup. It is also true if you have overly sensitive eyes, dry eyes, or tend to suffer from irritation more often than usual. 


Tips For Eyelash Extensions

FAQs about Eyelash Extensions

After going through the above pointers, if you have decided to get eyelash extensions, there are some things you need to keep in mind: 

Avoid water or steam from coming in contact with your extensions for the first 48 hours after getting the procedure done. 

When you do take a shower, you will have to dry your wet lash extensions with a blow dryer. Keep it on the lowest speed and coolest setting. Then use a spoolie brush to gently dry them out. 

Eyelash extension touch-ups are necessary, as they can start looking clumpy and sag a little after two to three weeks, because of your natural lash cycle. But do not remove them on your own, or else you risk losing your natural lashes in the process. While eyelash extensions eventually shed on their own, they can be removed by professionals if needed. 

Your skincare and makeup routine has to be updated to maintain the lashes. For instance, oil-based cleansers and emollient eye creams are a big no-no. They can loosen the bonding agent and make the extensions fall off quickly. Also, mascara can add undue weight to them and lead to breakage. 

Finally, you have to be extremely gentle with them. This means no rubbing, using only silk pillowcases and being extremely careful while using eye accessories like glasses or sleep masks. 


FAQs about Eyelash Extensions

FAQs about Eyelash Extensions

Q1. Can eyelash extensions ruin your natural lashes? 

A. It is a myth that lash extensions can ruin your natural lashes. When done correctly by a professional, they are safe and do not affect the health of your natural eyelashes. Just follow the recommended care directions with your extensions to avoid any accidents with them. 

Q2. Can you wear mascara with eyelash extensions? 

A. While you can wear mascara with eyelash extensions, it is generally not needed and recommended against. Wearing the wrong kind or too much can cause the lashes to fall out, damage the extensions and significantly decrease their lifespan. Also, waterproof or oil-based mascaras can dissolve the bonding agent used to maintain the extensions. 

Q3. Can I wear eyeliner with lash extensions? 

A. When it comes to eyelash extensions, the rule should be 'less is more'. In the case of eyeliners, the daily application can lead to product buildup, which is difficult to clean without compromising the extensions. To be on the safer side, pick an oil-free powder eyeliner and lightly apply it close to your waterline; dust off any excess with an angled brush. 

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