There are few better feelings than discovering a beauty trick that solves your most disturbing beauty problems. After spending enough time with most common beauty struggles, we got right down to business – putting all those beauty hacks to the test and figuring out which actually work. Here’s the verdict…

unusual beauty hacks translucent powder for voluminous lashes 430x550

Hack: Using translucent powder for voluminous lashes
How you do it:
Apply some translucent powder on your lashes before you apply mascara. Your lashes will appear longer and the powder will help hold your mascara as well.

beauty hacks cool water 600x400

Hack: Cold water to dry wet nails
How you do it:
Put your fingers in ice cold water for 3 minutes post your manicure or you can even use this trick in between coats.

beauty hacks vaseline as highlighter 430x550

Hack: Vaseline as a highlighter
How you do it: Want model-worthy cheekbones? Apply just a bit of Vaseline to the top of your cheek bones 5 minutes before you apply your blush. This’ll lend your face a natural shine as well as give it a lift.

beauty hacks mayonnaise hair conditioner 430x550

Hack: Mayonnaise as hair conditioner
How you do it:
Mask your hair with mayonnaise for deep conditioning and to repair dry hair. Apply it on your hair, use a blow dryer for a few minutes to active it to the max, then leave it on for twenty minutes before you rinse it off.

beauty tricks eye cream 430x550

Hack: Eye cream + concealer for creaseless under eyes
How you do it:
Apply some eye cream before you put your concealer on for natural coverage. This also helps skin look more moisturised and takes years off those under eye circles.