This season, beauty trends are all about extremes—makeup these days is either OTT or just plain minimal. There are natural, monochrome, no-makeup looks and then there are smokin’ kohled eyes, bold lips and even geometric eyes . If you are a girl who prefers the latter, you must be in love with the electric eye makeup trend that is doing the rounds. If you’re not, well then we suggest you get out of your comfort zone and try the look. Who knows, you might end up loving the trend! Vibrant lids afterall make for a really edgy look.

Read on as we tell you how to achieve that perfect electric eye makeup in simple steps...


1. Prep your eyes

1.	Prep your eyes

Wash your eyes and start by applying a primer onto your lids, to make sure your eye area is smooth and eyeshadow doesn’t crease.


2. All about the base

2.	All about the base

To make eyes look bigger and bolder, you need to create depth with the eye shadow. Pick a lighter shade of the colour you want with and blend it over the lid.


3. Fill it in

3.	Fill it in

Pick a darker, more vibrant colour from the Lakmé Absolute Illuminating Eye Shadow Palette in Royal Persia. Blue, pink, purple, take your pick. Remember to create layers. Start with a deeper shade of the same colour and then layer with the different shades of the same hue. Fill in over the lid and inner eye corner.


4. Complete the look

4.	Complete the look

Skip the liner and let the colour pop out. Apply two coats of mascara and finish the look by using a highlighter to highlight the high points of forehead and brow bone.


5. Keep it subtle

5.	Keep it subtle

Keep rest of your makeup subtle to let your eyes do the talking. Sport a nude lip colour in contrast with the electrifying eyes.

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