If cleaning makeup brushes does not feature on your to-do list at least once every fortnight, then girl, you are committing a cardinal beauty sin. Even though it may seem like it is okay to not be regular with this task, especially right now, as you aren’t wearing makeup that regularly (thanks, lockdown), trust us, it really is not!

But because we know that cleaning your makeup brushes can prove to be a bit cumbersome, we have the perfect solution for you! Here’s a quick way to give your makeup brushes a deep cleanse once, every other week.

how to deeply clean makeup brushes

Step 01: Hold your makeup brushes over a sink with the bristles facing down and gently run some lukewarm water over it. Remember to hold the brushes in such a way that the water doesn’t seep into the barrel as that could break down the glue that holds the bristles together over time.

how to deeply clean makeup brushes

Step 02: Put a drop or two of a mild liquid cleanser on a cleansing pad or your palm and swirl the bristles until the soap lathers up and gets rid of any dirt pigment from the bristles. Rinse it out and squeeze the bristles to remove any excess cleanser and water.

Step 03: Open the tap and allow the lukewarm water to rinse out the brushes again. Once again, remember to keep the brushes facing downwards.

Step 04: Squeeze out any excess water and arrange the reshape of the bristles so that they can dry off in their original shape.

how to deeply clean makeup brushes

Step 05: Lay your brushes flat on a table with the bristles hanging over the edge. This ensures that there is enough air circulation to allow the entire head of the brush to dry off thoroughly.

BB pro tip: If you want your brushes to dry off in a jiffy, place them under a fan running on full speed.