How To Wear Makeup To The Gym Like A Boss

Written by Sukriti RijhsinghaniSep 16, 2023
How to wear makeup to the gym like a boss
Sometimes the only motivation to get up and go the gym is the cute Zumba instructor, right? Or the guy who runs on the treadmill next to you. Or your personal trainer. Well, you get the drift. While it is never a good idea to wear a face full of make up the gym, there are a few little things you can keep in mind to wear a hint of makeup that won’t mess with your skin or your workout. Read on, and good luck impressing that cute guy you to the gym for!

1. Keep it minimal

4. Waterproof mascara

If you don’t want to go bare-faced, then just keep it simple and basic. Apply just a serum and sunscreen, it will not only look natural but it is quick and simple. Groom your brows with a brow gel this will keep your look fresh.


2. Spot Correct

4. Waterproof mascara

Apply a matte concealer to spot correct the problem areas. Do not wear foundation. Make sure the concealer is water-proof and has a matte finish.


3. Go for tinted lip balm

4. Waterproof mascara

If you want to add a tinge of colour to your lips then go for tinted lip balms. It will keep your lips moisturised as well as add a tinge of colour to it.


4. Waterproof mascara

4. Waterproof mascara

Use waterproof mascara on your lashes so that when you flutter your lashes at your crush, he is sure to notice your long lashes.

5. Don’t wear foundation

​This is one product you are better off giving a miss. The foundation is a little heavy on the skin and does not allow it to breathe. This in turn may not allow your skin to sweat easily, causing pores to get blocked.

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