How To Make Your Quirkiest Beauty Feature Your Best One

Written by Girija NaiksatamSep 01, 2016
We’ve done a ton of stories that get you to doll up, get fit, look prettier and shop better. But we’re now turning our attention to our appearance and our own physical features that have been a cause of anxiety at some point of time or the other. If any three of the below features have caused you or are causing you some discomfort this should be of some help…

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Thick eyebrows
If you’re one of those lucky girls gifted with thick eyebrows, your time is finally here! We know you spent all your teenage years hating them and developed a very deep relationship with your plucker/salon lady over time, which is why it’s finally time for you to celebrate!
Step 1: Stop hating them
Step 2: Don’t get them done; groom them instead. Trim the longer hair from the front, pluck the strays and clean up and give them the desired shape. (Here’s a handy guide.)
Bonus: Always comb your brows after you’re done with a shower to help them sit in place. If you wish to wear them darker, fill them in with a pencil.

Celeb crush: Cara Delevingne. Could there be any other?

how to make quirkiest beauty feature your best one glasses 430x550

Gapped teeth
Girls with gapped teeth – be done with your insecurities, for you have no idea how many women across the world want to be you. Thanks to Bridget Bardot and Jane Berkin, gapped teeth became a supermodel accessory in the early 50s and 60s. And boy, did these women wear it well! If you’re still thinking twice about laughing with your mouth open, or smiling too wide, here’s what you should do – dress your best accessory in the boldest shade of red, or maroon for that matter and top it generously with some gloss. Then take it out for a night on the town (even if you might not be completely comfortable with the way it looks at first.) Fake your confidence, smile wide and show it off… and thank us for all the compliments later.

Celeb crush: Supermodel and Victoria’s Secret Angel, Jessica Hart.

how to make quirkiest beauty feature your best one glasses 430x550

Our heart does go out to all you girls who can’t wear contact lenses, but hey, with so many fantabulous options to choose from, you’ve got nothing to complain about, ladies. Jennifer Aniston has shown up at events wearing glasses and do you ever remember seeing Kiran Rao without them?
Here’s how you can make them work– For round or long faces, stick with square or rectangular frames and for square or a heart-shaped faces, experiment with cat eye and round frames. You can even be totally experimental when it comes to the colour and texture – we love those Lennon-ish rims and wooden frames just as we do the leopard print ones.
And yes, treat your glasses as part of your wardrobe and choose them just the way you would a shoe or a bag.

Celeb crush: Our all-round favourite funny girl and writer, Rashida Jones.

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