Whether it’s going to be a weekend full of sass and selfies or one that has you going all out to make an impression—big, bold and beautiful eyes are always top priority. Jump onto the beauty bandwagon and see how to truly make your eyes pop.
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Curl 'em If like us, you’re always lusting over long, perfect eyelashes, an eyelash curler should be your best friend. Curling your lashes before you layer on mascara will seriously open your eyes up. Press down for at least three seconds for maximum effect and use a hairdryer if you want the effect to really last. We personally love the Lakmé Eyeconic Curling Mascara. Whiten 'em This makeup trick is going to change your look totally, so brace yourselves. Smudge a light eye pencil like the Lakmé Eyeconic in white, or use a light eyeshadow on the inside ridge of your eye, where the upper lid meets the lower lid. The difference this will make to your peepers is nothing short of phenomenal. This little makeup secret is used by almost every celebrity in tinseltown, so brighten up with a touch of white. Fake 'em Finally, if you really want to make that lasting impression, we recommend you don’t shy away from fake eyelashes. We know by the looks of it, this has got tacktastic written all over it, but trust us—they’re fun, flirtatious and are sure to give you a complete glamazon makeover. All you need to remember is to stick them on right, and if they’re feeling a little too long you can always give them a trim—but trust us, this will make your eyes pop and how! With these tips under your belt, it’ll be hard not to take notice of you, darling. Share with us your favourite eye-makeup tips and together we’re set to create some serious havoc.