Being able to put on a full face of makeup in a matter of minutes is a seriously underrated skill. Just ask professional makeup artists! From working backstage at fashion shows to doing makeup for a celebrity who’s running late, it is damn near impressive what the pros can achieve in a time crunch.

Having said that, we often wonder how makeup artists are able to make it all look so easy. So, we asked a couple of them! Sharing their fastest and quickest beauty looks, these MUAs reveal how to achieve pretty makeup looks that don’t necessarily need a proficient hand. They are creative, easy-to-do and so fun to wear!


01. Shraddha Inder Mehta’s easy glam look

01. Shraddha Inder Mehta’s easy glam look

Go-to glam expert for young starlets like Alaya F and Tara Sutaria, Shraddha (@themakeupmaven__) broke down her no-foundation, easy glam look that you can wear on the daily.

  • Step 01: Moisturise - Slather on a good layer of moisturiser onto your skin. You can skip applying primer if you’re not using a foundation, but if you do feel like your face eats the makeup off then go for it.

  • Step 02: Concealer - Start with applying your concealer. Most liquid concealers give brilliant coverage. Draw a triangle under your eye using concealer. Wet your blender and sweep. Set you under eye with some powder and allow to bake. Don't powder entire full face yet.

  • Step 03: Eyebrows - Use a brown eyebrow powder or a pencil to fill in the sparse areas and define your brows; use gentle strokes. You can also use an eyebrow gel to tame your unruly brows.

  • Step 05: Eyes - Pick just one shade of eyeshadow that matches your outfit and put it all over your lids. If you're in a mood to glam up a little —  just pick a darker shade and apply it all over the crease using an eyeshadow brush. Then, go ahead and line your eyes with a liner; it adds depth to the lashes. Don’t forget to curl your lashes before applying mascara. Hold your brow with your index finger and pull it upwards —  this is an easier way of applying mascara.

  • Step 06: Cheeks - Mix any two of your favourite shades and apply on the apple of your cheeks (Shraddha used pink and orange for this look). Use an angled brush and blend some powder bronzer over your cheekbone, nose and jawline.

  • Step 07: Statement lips - Pick one lip liner (baby pink for this look) and cover your entire lip with it. Top it up with a lip balm to make your lips look plump and moisturised.

  • Step 08: Set it - Go on and dust some setting powder all over your face; don’t use too much if you haven’t applied foundation.  End it with a setting spray and you’re ready to slay!

Pro tip: If the foundation you're using is thick, you could add a little moisturiser to it for easy application. Whereas, if you want to make your foundation thicker, you could add some loose powder. Add some strobe cream to your foundation for a lit-from-within glow.


02. Reshmaa Merchant’s glowing dewy look

02. Reshmaa Merchant’s glowing dewy look

From celebrity to bridal and editorial, makeup artist Reshmaa Merchant (@reshmaamerchant) does it all. We love her glam goddess approach to makeup. Breaking down a glowy and dewy look done on Warina Hussain, here’s how Reshmaa does ‘quick and easy’!

  • Step 01: Prep Time - Prepping your skin is key to healthy, glowing skin as you 'll want to work on a smooth canvas for this glowing look. Use a hydrating moisturiser that absorbs into your skin. Apply a primer to help your makeup last longer.
  • Step 02: Foundation - Apply a lightweight foundation using a foundation brush. A little goes a long way, so make sure you get just a little product on and then blend it out really well. If you need to cover any spots, dark circles or blemishes, add a bit of concealer. The most important thing to remember is that you need to let a bit of your skin show through for excellent results. After all, we are not going for a cakey look.
  • Step 03: Eyes and Lip - Once you finish your base, you can define your brows with a translucent or tinted brow gel. Do your eyes using eyeshadows in earthy tones; you don’t need a liner, but do apply mascara. Add a bit of colour to your lips to pull the look together.
  • Step 04: Blush - When going for natural, luminous skin, there are two things to keep in mind when using a blush (A) Don't go overboard and (B) blend well. Remember, you’re going for a naturally flushed look; a peach cream-based blush is your best bet.
  • Step 05 - Highlighting - Use an illuminating liquid highlighter to add that glow to your skin. Dab a bit of your highlighter on your cheekbones, bridge of your nose and chin. Blend it out with a brush.
  • Step 06: Set your makeup - Set your face with a translucent powder because this will help you stay glowy and not make you look like an oily wreck by mid-day. To finish the dewy look from top to bottom, spritz your face with setting spray. This will leave your makeup looking radiant, but shine-free.

03. Sonam Chandna Sagar’s go-to monsoon glam

03. Sonam Chandna Sagar’s go-to monsoon glam

For Sonam (@sonamdoesmakeup), makeup is a space where she loves to experiment with her unique art form. A major chunk of impressive portfolio boasts of avant-garde and editorial looks, which rely on materials like glitters, rhinestones, sequins, and non-cosmetic embellishments. For us though, she took it down many notches and detailed her go-to monsoon beauty look.

  • Step 01: Face - Prepping the skin with a light hydrating moisturiser for humid weather is essential. This is followed by a cc cream for coverage and SPF. Use concealer under the eyes to add some brightness. Finish it off with a liquid lipstick used as cheek stain for a long-lasting flush that looks uber natural.
  • Step 02: Eyes - Use a bronzer to add dimension, followed by a smudge brown kohl all over the top lash-line for lashes to appear fuller. Follow it up with nude or beige colour pencil on the waterline and finish the look with a light layer of curling mascara (make sure it’s waterproof).
  • Step 03: Lips - Apply the same stain you used on your cheeks. Add a light coral liquid lipstick and top it off with a lip balm to tie the look together.

Image courtesy: Instagram