2020 was the year when most of us kept our makeup on the back burner and focused more on skincare. When we did wear some makeup, a full coverage base was replaced with something lightweight, and eye makeup took centre-stage while lipsticks felt redundant. But with the start of a new year, we’re so looking forward to a fresh set of makeup trends to flaunt our makeup skills, which we perfected to the T while quarantining.

After wearing little to no makeup for almost a year, beauty junkies are itching to add some more vibrancy to their makeup looks, and hence the biggest unifying trend of 2021 is expected to be colour. From colourful mascara to bold makeup looks, makeup will take a fun new twist this new year.

To help you decipher these makeup trends, we spoke to celebrity makeup artist Bhavya Arora, who gave us a complete lowdown of the top makeup trends of 2021. Scroll down to find out what they are.


01. Stained lips

Stained lips

Image courtesy: @colleenkonowitz

If you are a fan of bold lipsticks, not flaunting your f bright lippies last year might have been a bummer. But worry not; thankfully, 2021 will be all about long-wearing, matte lipsticks in brighter shades. “I personally love this trend, and I see it becoming quite popular in 2021, which will be a lot about raw, natural beauty. So I am really looking forward to seeing people embrace this trend”, says Bhavya.


02. Graphic eyeliner

Graphic eyeliner

Image courtesy: @santoshishetty

Since masks aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, eyes will continue to be a major focus in 2021. Thanks to these bold patterns, graphic eyeliner will continue as a major trend this year too. To reiterate this, Bhavya says, “This is one of my all-time favourites! I love the way it helps one create a bold, strong statement with one simple product. I feel 2021 is all about freedom of expression, and this trend fits right in.”


03. Dolphin skin

Dolphin skin

Image courtesy: @monique.hair.makeup

After working hard to improve our skin throughout 2020, it is now time to flaunt it with the dolphin skin trend, a major makeup trend of 2021. This makeup trend is all about showing off a fresh, dewy complexion. “Dolphin skin is one of the most popular trends to come out of 2020. In my opinion, it’s a great look for editorials and campaigns, but one needs to be very mindful when trying it for an everyday look. You need to find the right products, so the skin doesn’t look patchy and overdone. My advice would be to go for powder-based highlighters is you’re a novice and then move on to more dewy products,” quips Bhavya.


04 Colourful mascara

Colourful mascara

Image courtesy: @saraalikhan95

Since 2021 is all about adding more colour and vibrancy to your makeup, another trend that we are really looking forward to is colourful mascara. Already made huge by Sara Ali Khan, we can’t wait to try this one for sure. Bhavya seems to echo our thoughts by saying “Well, why not! Using colours like blue, teal, pink and even white gives you that edge you’re looking for. These are also great colours for Indian skin tones. My suggestion is to keep the rest of the face muted, so your mascara stands out. And if you don’t have a coloured mascara, you can use colour eye pencils to line your lashes along with a transparent mascara.” Genius!


05. Kohl-rimmed eyes

Kohl-rimmed eyes

Image courtesy: @realhinakhan

A makeup classic that keeps coming back year-after-year, kohl-rimmed eyes look beautiful on everyone. “This is the one look that never goes out of fashion. It’s perhaps the most versatile of all because you can don this look with traditional and western outfits. My suggestion is to mix brown with black to give it a diffused dreamy look, and you’ll make heads turn with beautiful, gorgeous eyes”, says Bhavya.


06. 90s makeup

90s makeup

Image courtesy: @merrbz

90s makeup trends are making a comeback, which means you get to live out your childhood fantasies of painting your face without having to worry about a flying chappal coming your way. From overlined brown lips to some extra blush, 2021 will see a huge comeback of some classic 90s makeup trends. But according to Bhavya, there’s more. “Well, 2021 will also be about a lot of eyes and lashes, so we would be borrowing some of the 90s trends like pop eyes and big, spider lashes. With masks still in the picture, I see many people going in for lash lifts or lash curling and getting false lashes done. We will be seeing a lot of mascara this year for sure!”


07. Parisian makeup

Parisian makeup

Image courtesy: @antoapril

“Parisian makeup refers to a no-makeup, natural look, which focuses more on healthy skin, rather than covering it up with a lot of makeup. I personally endorse this look a lot, and I see it becoming quite popular. Reason being that most people are focused on being healthy and fit, and taking care of their skin and hair now more than ever before. So, you can slap some moisturiser, sunscreen, a BB cream and dab some lip and cheek tint and you’re good to go.” Can wearing makeup get simpler than this? We think not!

Main image courtesy: @makeupbyvdlt and @sonia_deveney