Winter is coming… and your skin is already dreading the dry, cold, sharp air that is going to wreak havoc on it. The low humidity of winter is to be blamed! No matter how much you cover up with jackets, scarves and mufflers, it can be tricky to protect your skin from the harsh winter conditions and prevent it from making you look dull and washed out.

So, it’s not just your wardrobe that needs a transition… your skincare and makeup routines need to be tweaked in order to suit the cold weather conditions. Dry, flaky and irritated skin is synonymous with winter. But, that shouldn’t deter you from putting your best face forward. So, should you dare to dew? Oh yes, you do! Dewy base, rose pink blush and burgundy lippies are some of the best winter makeup products that can add more oomph to your winter look. However, while you must stay away from loose powder, nude lipstick and matte foundation, there are also some winter makeup tips and tricks you need to follow to look bright, radiant and cheery even in the grey winter months. To help you ace your winter makeup game, we’ve got you covered with 8 effective tips that’ll also help keep dry skin at bay:


Tip #1: Go waterproof

waterproof makeup

Waterproof makeup is not just for the sweaty summer months. If you want to keep your winter makeup game going strong, then you need to make sure your entire face is waterproof, from your concealer and mascara to your lipstick. Winter months can be super unpredictable: there is rain, snow, fog, cold winds, all at once. Imagine being outdoors with a full face of makeup on and there’s a sudden change in weather. You don’t want your cat eyes halfway down your cheeks, do you? Therefore, even while you’re on a winter holiday, make sure that you pack only waterproof makeup. You don’t want the weather to ruin your Instagram-worthy pictures, after all!


Tip #2: Pick a setting spray over setting powder

Spray setting powder

Setting powder is a secret weapon for most of us out there. It sets and holds our foundation in place, absorbs excess oil and even reduces the sticky feeling and shine that foundation often leaves behind. But being a typically drying product, it’s not the best bet for winters. Your winter makeup routine does not need a setting powder as it will only leave your skin looking drier than before. Therefore, we suggest you skip the setting powder and instead finish off your winter makeup routine with a makeup setting spray. A setting spray will not only hold your makeup together for longer hours but also leave behind a glowing, dewy finish, just what your winter makeup look needs!


Tip #3: Keep your highlighter game subtle

Makeup Highlighter

We know how much you love your highlighter and bronzer palette. But, you don’t need the summertime glossy radiance in the winter months. Subtle shine can do the trick for you. OTT bronzer and highlighter can look out of place in sub-zero temperatures. Use your highlighter sparingly, to give your complexion the perfect lit-from-within glow. And, avoid going heavy with the bronzer completely. Either toss back the product in winters altogether or go for a few strategic sweeps that’ll help add more definition to your glow. Make a fish face and then blend the bronzer just on top of the hollows of your cheeks. If you’re using both highlighter and bronzer in your winter makeup routine, then blending is key!


Tip #4: Go bold and intense with colours

Go bold and intense with colours

Contrary to popular belief, winter is not about embracing or limiting yourself to a cold palette such as pale blues, frosty whites or silvers. In fact, wearing bold eyeliner and super dramatic lip colours can add more emphasis to your winter makeup look. However, make sure to strike a balance between the two. If you’re going all out with a deep burgundy pout, then keep your face makeup minimal with a dewy base and filled-in, defined brows. And, if you’re embracing coloured lids, then keep the lips either glossy or warm-toned in hues of soft pink or peach. Heavy-duty foundation, intense eye makeup and bold lips all together can be a lot for your winter look. Therefore, we suggest you play up one single feature at a time!


Tip #5: Creamy formulas for the win

Creamy formulas for the win

Powder formulas are great, no doubt. They give a matte, velvety finish, absorb natural skin oils and can be easily layered on top of each other. Even though we are used to powder formulas in our winter makeup routine, creamy eyeshadows and blushes are the winners in the colder months. They not only have longer staying power than powder formulas but also leave the skin looking fresh and dewy. Unlike powder, cream products don’t settle into fine lines or enlarged pores and are therefore good for dry and mature skin. If you want your winter makeup look to be dewy and hydrated, then ditch powder formulas for cream ones this season.


Tip #6: Switch your primer from matte to luminous

Switch your primer from matte to luminous

A good primer is the Holy Grail of your vanity kit! It not only helps glide your makeup smoothly but also holds it together for longer hours. There’s no reason to skip a primer, be it any season. However, knowing what primer texture to use is important. If you’ve been using a matte primer all this while, then we suggest you switch to a luminous one in the winter season. The cold, harsh winter winds can make your skin look dry and lackluster. Therefore, any extra boost of glow in your winter makeup routine is absolutely welcome. Plus, the primer will add another layer of hydration which is an added boon for your skin. Win-win!


Tip #7: Make kajal your winter staple

Make kajal your winter staple

Kajal is the one product that needs no occasion! Whether you want to brighten your eyes or add some drama to your look, kajal can do the trick for you. While other products in your vanity kit can keep changing as per the seasons, kajal remains constant. Even during the cold winter months, there’s no reason to give up on this wonder makeup product. Kajal not only stands out and looks edgy on pale skin but also perfectly complements your dark, winter wardrobe. So, if you’re someone who’s not a regular with kajal, then we suggest you make it an everyday thing in your winter makeup routine.


Tip #8: Play up your lip colour

Play up your lip colour

You never really get to experiment with deep plums and burgundies as much as in the winter months. In fact, playing up your lip colour is the best way to make your winter makeup look stand out. Whether you want to go for gloss, stain or matte textures, they’ll all look absolutely stunning on pale skin. If you’re going all out with your lipstick, then play down your eye makeup. You don’t want the eyes to fight with your lip colour for attention! While you can give your eyeshadow a complete miss, we suggest you use mascara to define your lashes and eyeliner to create sharp, edgy wings.