You may have been bad in Art class, but trust us, you don’t have to be much of an artist to rock the newest beauty trend doing the rounds—multicoloured eye makeup. It involves painting your lids in multiple contrasting shades. The only rule for this beauty trend is there are no rules. You can work with any colour scheme, be it pastel, neon, warm hues, cool ocean colours or completely random colours too! Basically, your lids should look like the watercolour palette you had in your childhood.

Multicoloured eye makeup is one of the quirkiest yet most gorgeous makeup trends we have seen in a while. And if you think it is difficult to pull off, let us tell you that it is not. The colours you choose define the look and you can pick any colour scheme you want. Now for the technique, here is a step-by-step tutorial to help you nail the multicolour eye makeup look like a pro.

Multicolour eye makeup trend

Step 01: Moisturise your lids and use a primer to keep your eye makeup intact for longer and to get a smooth finish.

Step 02: Pick the colour scheme you want to work with. Pastel, neon, sunset colours; whatever look you choose, take any three contrasting shades that go perfectly with the theme.

Step 03: Start by packing one colour onto the centre of your lid and blend till the crease. Apply the same colour on the lower lash line and smudge using an angled brush.

Step 04: Next, take another contrasting shade and apply it on the outer corner of your eyes and blend well.

Step 05: Use the lightest shade of all on the inner corner of your eyes.

Step 06: Finish the look by applying a couple of coats of mascara. Skip the liner and let your iridescent eye makeup do all the talking. 

Image courtesy: Instagram