5 Bold Eye Makeup Looks That Seem Complicated But Aren’t

Written by Urvi DalalMay 11, 2022
5 bold eye makeup looks that seem complicated but aren’t

If you’re anything like me, you probably only scroll through Instagram to gawk at all the stunning makeup looks on the platform, without actually recreating any. Simply because you lack the skills to execute these stunning looks, especially eye makeup *sigh*.

While eye makeup does take practise to master, we’ve got a cheat sheet you’ll love. Here are five bold makeup looks that even makeup noobs can recreate with ease. Don’t believe us? Scroll down to see for yourself.


01. Lower lid smokey eye

05. Grunge green

Image courtesy: @patrickta

All of us are well-versed with creating the perfect smokey eye on the upper eyelid, but turns out simply reversing the placement and smoking out the lower lash line can freshen things up and give you a bold, edgy appearance.


02. Embellished blue cut crease

05. Grunge green

Image courtesy: @ida_linn

Cut crease and embellished eye makeup may seem super difficult, but trust us, they really aren’t. All you need is a lighter gradient shade, a darker colour of your choice for the crease and some cosmetic embellishments to recreate this stunning eye makeup.


03. White graphic liner

05. Grunge green

Image courtesy: @gigihadid

Graphic eyeliners provide the perfect way to wear a bold eye makeup without the pain of blending several eyeshadows together. Take this eye makeup look for example. We love how simple it is, and yet looks super refreshing. But if white is a little too jarring for you, you can always recreate this eye makeup look in a different colour that’s more your taste.


04. Gradient smokey eye

05. Grunge green

Image courtesy: @sophiet

We love how Sophie Turner has combined a smokey eye with a graphic jet black eyeliner for a super bold, eye-catching yet extremely wearable eye makeup look. This is the perfect makeup look to wear for the girls’ night out once the lockdown ends.


05. Grunge green

05. Grunge green

Image courtesy: @adrianjacobsofficial

If you are in the mood to play with colours, then this shimmery, bright green eye makeup look on Kriti should be right up your alley. This is a great way to incorporate bold and bright colours into your makeup.

Main image courtesy: @debasreee and @makeup_by__sasha

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