Are You Making These Eyelash Curling Mistakes?

Written by Disha SampatSep 16, 2023
Are you making these eyelash curling mistakes?
Eye makeup can be intimidating for those of you who are still new to makeup. We totally get it! But are you someone who would you love to curl your eyelashes but are afraid you’re going to end up doing something wrong? Well, don’t be. Well-groomed eyelashes are a great beauty move.

Curled lashes can give you a whole new look, provided you do it right. That’s precisely why we have decided to help you curl your eyelashes the right way.

Here are some common eyelash curling mistakes and how to avoid them. Brace yourselves ladies, long and beautiful eyelashes are just a few minutes away.

Not buying a good eyelash curler

No curling after applying mascara

Makeup tools are just like makeup products—they need to be of good quality so they can do their job right. If you invest in high-end cosmetics but get stingy when buying your makeup tools, then it’s going to show in your makeup. Your eyelashes are delicate and you don’t want something cheap to harm them, right?


Letting the pads wear out

No curling after applying mascara

The little pads inside your curler are hard to clean and they get dirty faster too. It also wears out after numerous uses and you run the risk of harming your lashes with the metal behind the pads. So ladies, make sure you replace them every three months for a good curling effect.


No curling after applying mascara

No curling after applying mascara

Did you forget to curl your lashes before applying the mascara? Or maybe you are in the habit of curling them after a coat of mascara. Either way, this practice of curling your lashes after applying mascara is the fastest way to damage them and cause breakage. So, don’t!

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