Get The Natural Subtle Eyeliner Look: Here's How

Written by Lopa KNov 08, 2022
Get the Natural Subtle Eyeliner Look: Here's How

Have you never been able to match your wings or just do a crisp liner with liquid eyeliner? Or do you like something subtle for your no-makeup makeup look? Well, we’ve got some easy tips and tricks for the best eyeliner for natural look that you will love! 


Get the natural subtle eyeliner look: the basics

4. Green eyeliner

As true blue makeup junkies, we can never tire of experimenting with different eye makeup looks. While we love bold makeup, simple and chic eye makeup trends such as the natural eyeliner will always have a special place in our hearts. What we love the most about this subtle and smudged look is that it doesn’t require much effort (and a steady hand). The best eyeliner for natural look gives you this soft, barely-there look that softens your overall appearance. And if you have a hard time keeping your eyeliner from smudging then just do it on purpose. 

Tips on how to get the natural subtle eyeliner look


Prime your lids

4. Green eyeliner

You don’t want the smudged look to smudge all the way down to your cheeks now, do you? Prime your lids with a mattifying primer — this will keep your smudged eyeliner look intact. We recommend applying a tiny amount of the Lakme Absolute Blur Primer on your lids. This also makes sure that there are no creases while blurring any blemishes and making sure that your eyeliner lasts all day long. 


Pick the right formula

4. Green eyeliner

Avoid using a liquid formula as it will dry too quickly, leaving you with barely any time to smudge the liner. Instead, opt for a gel-based formula like the Lakme Absolute Black Gel Liner and draw a line over your lash line for a subtle look or you can go all out and draw a wing for a more dramatic look. 

Make short and thin strokes 

You tend to go way above your lash line if you try to control your movements and draw in one stroke. Instead, keep your strokes short and keep them as close to your lash line as you can. If it gets thicker, you can always erase it from the top with a Q tip. 

Fill in the bare spots between the lashes 

You must have noticed white spots even after wearing liner and mascara. This is the bare space between your lashes. You can fill those in too by dotting the gel liner on the bare spots. This also gives the illusion of full lashes.  


Smudge it out

4. Green eyeliner

Now for the best part – smudging! You can use a cotton swab or pencil brush to smudge out the liner. We love the thin brush that comes with the Lakme 9 to 5 Naturale Gel Kajal. While the kajal is loaded with aloe and calendula that hydrate your lids, you can also use its brush to control the intensity of the colour. And using the same brush, just gently soften out the lines. Once again, start small and smudge it in an outward direction. 

Different liner colours for natural look 

1. Grey eyeliner 

If you want to venture into the world of coloured eyeliners, but are not quite there yet, a safe shade to start with is grey eyeliner. A softer alternative to the traditional black, it will make your eyes pop while still giving a natural look. It gives your eye makeup a brighter effect with just two strokes. 

4. Green eyeliner

2. Brown eyeliner 

Another way to get a subtle and muted look is with brown eyeliner. Brown eyeliner acts as a contour for your eyelids and adds more depth. It is the best eyeliner for natural look. Simply apply the Lakme Absolute Explore Eye Pencil - Fearless Brown on your upper and lower lash line and use a brush to slightly soften the outer corner of your eyes. Once it dries, it is smudge-proof and does not budge at all, allowing you to sport your soft look all day long. 

4. Green eyeliner

3. Blue eyeliner 

Want to take your regular eye makeup several notches higher? Simply apply a few strokes of blue eyeliner on your eyelids to look trendy while still going for a muted look! You have to give the Lakme Insta Eye Liner – Blue a try for the liquid eyeliner natural look. It is a highly pigmented formula and super easy to work with! You can either smudge out the edges or keep it near the lash line for a hint of colour to your minimal makeup. 

4. Green eyeliner

4. Green eyeliner 

Talking about eye makeup products, green is a very interesting colour. It is not too bright like yellow or pink nor too dark as traditional black. It is just dark enough to accentuate your lash line and give the illusion of bigger eyes. The subtle yet stunning colour also makes your eyes pop, so if you subtly want to grab attention without going over the top, opt for the Lakme Insta Eye Liner - Green. This waterproof liner is just the right shade of dark green for the best eyeliner for natural look while also adding that oomph factor. 

FAQs about getting the natural subtle eyeliner look  

Q. How to make liquid eyeliner subtle? 

Apply a thin line right over your lash line. You can also smudge out the edges before it dries. 

Q. Do you need eyeliner for a natural look? 

Not really, it is up to you. You can also rock a no-makeup makeup look with just mascara to complete your natural eye makeup. 

Q. What can I wear instead of eyeliner? 

If you don’t have a kajal or gel pencil, you can also use a dark eyeshadow to draw on the liner. Use a thin and tapered brush and make short and thin strokes over your lash line. 

Armed with the best eyeliner for natural look, get to creating an eye makeup look that works for you. Whether it is keeping it thin or adding a smudged wing, you can do it all. 

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