5 Tiktok Highlighter Hacks To Level Up Your Glow Game

Written by Anyuktha NallaniNov 30, 2023
 5 TikTok highlighter hacks to level up your glow game

There’s just something about a highlighter — it makes you feel instantly fabulous and powerful knowing that you can simply blind them, haters, with your glow *wink*. It has the power to transform your face by lifting and illuminating its appearance. So, whether you’re a makeup newbie or a self-proclaimed expert, mastering the highlighter application is a must. Here we have five TikTok highlighter hacks that will help you get that glow on. Check ‘em out…


01. Make your highlighter pop with setting spray

05. Take it below the neck

Can’t get your highlighter to pop like your favourite Instagram influencer? Well, next time spray a little setting spray on your brush before you swirl it over the highlighter. This will intensify the pigment and make it POP like nothing else.


02. DIY shimmer oil

05. Take it below the neck

Who doesn’t want dreamy gleaming skin when stepping out for a brunch date or an evening out with your girls? Well, next time take a chunk of your pressed highlighter and mix it with a cup of baby oil. Apply on your skin and voila! Your own shimmer oil that makes the skin glow like a Greek goddess.


03. Mix it with your foundation

05. Take it below the neck

The next time you’re attending a big event and want an overall dreamy glow without caking up on highlighter, try this trick. Mix a drop of the Lakmé Absolute Liquid Highlighter with your foundation and blend as you normally would. This gives your complexion an overall lit-from-within glow without running the risk of looking like a shiny disco ball.


04. Apply it in the right areas for maximum effect

05. Take it below the neck

The basic rule when using a highlighter is to identify the high points of your face and apply it there. Here are five high points of your face: the top of the cheekbones (duh!), brow bone, bridge of the nose, chin and Cupid’s bow. For extra drama, you can (and should) apply it on the centre of your forehead, blending it slightly away from your eyebrow midpoint. Now, go make your makeup look the high-light of the party!


05. Take it below the neck

05. Take it below the neck

Highlighter for the face? Sure. But how do you make the most of your highlighter if you’re only using it to make 30% of your body glow? So from now on, take a few drops of your Lakmé Absolute Liquid Highlighter and apply it on the tip of your shoulders, decolletage and even your back if you’re wearing a backless top.

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