Girls, Here’s Why You Should Count On A Cc Cream On Those Lazy Days

Written by Anjali AgarwalSep 16, 2023
Girls, here’s why you should count on a CC cream on those lazy days

Some days, you just feel blah! Finding the time and energy to apply makeup is one of the biggest struggles when you’re feeling lazy AF. But you know there’s no escape from covering and concealing those unwanted blemishes and that uneven skin tone. Well, we have good news for you. A CC cream might come to your rescue when you don’t feel like going big on makeup but still want to look flawless.

Here’s how a CC cream can save you some extra minutes and effort in the morning...


One-man army

No touch ups

A CC cream is the ultimate multitasker of the beauty world. It is a colour corrector, concealer, SPF and foundation all in one. Safe to say it lets you skip on multiple products and gets the job done pretty well.


Mix it up

No touch ups

It can be mixed for quick makeup and extra skin benefits. You can mix your CC cream with your moisturiser if you have dry skin or a primer before using a foundation for smooth coverage. It’s just versatile like that.


Blends easily

No touch ups

It doesn’t need your utmost dedication and the finest beauty blender to absorb in your skin. Most CC creams are lightweight and formulated to look on point without giving in much effort. Takes minimum effort and time!


Conceals perfectly

No touch ups

It does a stellar job at covering pesky marks, acne spots, redness and pigmentation. Not to forget dark circles and fine lines. Get your hands on the Lakmé Complexion Care Face CC Cream for smooth and bright skin every day.


No touch ups

No touch ups

Who’s got time for touch ups right? A CC cream is the light touch of makeup that doesn’t make you look like a caked up doll. It doesn’t smudge, smear or transfer and settles quite well so you don’t need touch-ups all day.

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