The world was introduced to secrets of Korean beauty a few years ago. We’ve come across several K-Beauty beauty trends since then. Each one better than the other. After glass skin and hair, the most recent trend to have gained popularity all across the globe is glass lips.

If you watch Korean dramas, you may have noticed that the actors have perfectly glossy and shiny lips. The secret? Glass lip trend. Creating this look is fairly simple; in fact, you can ace this trend with just two products!

If jelly-textured lips are on your mind, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create them.

 how to ace the glass lip trend in a few easy steps1

Image courtesy: @claudianeacsu

Step 01: Begin by applying a bright pink shade of lipstick on the centre of your lips. Pick a shade that suits your skin tone. You don’t want your final look to appear unnatural or tacky.

Step 02: Now, take a small brush and blend the lip colour outwards. Buff the edges, Korean girls keep it shiny and blurred to make it look natural. Remember: stained lips is what we are going for here.

Step 03: In order to achieve the glass lip effect you need to add a lot of shine to your lips. Pick a clear gloss or one that’s in a similar shade as your lipstick and apply carefully all over.

Step 04: Next, dab some more pigment on the centre of your lips. Spread it out a little using the tip of your ring finger for that smooth and naturally blurred look.

Tip: Avoid using any matte lipsticks or formulas as it will not give you the same look. Shiny, bright and glossy products will give the best results.