There is no dearth of minimal nail art designs for manicure minimalists. There’s polka dots, French tips, floral art and many other amazing nail art designs to copy. And, if you are someone who’s manicure changes with their mood, you must have tried almost all of them. But there’s one more stunning nail art design that we are sure you haven’t tried yet—chevron tips.

Chevron is a V-shaped, zig-zag pattern that is very popular among the manicure buffs, but a more minimalistic version that includes painting only the tips of your nails, which BTW are trending hard right now. So, if you want to give the chic nail art a try, here are 5 ways to wear chevron tip nails. 


01. Two-toned treat

01.	Two-toned treat

Why wear just one colour when you can rock two? This bare nail mani with two mellow colours, yellow and white, is to die for. Is anyone else getting major summer vibes?


02. Classic French

02.	Classic French

If you love minimal nail art designs, French tips would be your go-to nail art. Ditch your boring French tips for a geometrical chevron treatment for once and you’d be amazed to see how quirky and classy it can look.


03. Glitter tips

03.	Glitter tips

A little shine never hurt anyone and this glimmering manicure here is proof. Rock the chevron pattern in a glittery colour for a glam event or wedding. This jazzy manicure is the perfect example of subtle meets sophisticated.


04. Tortoiseshell tips

04.	Tortoiseshell tips

Tortoiseshell nail art is raging in the mani world RN, but if that’s too OTT for you, here is a minimal take on the animal pattern nail art. Wear the trendy tortoiseshell print in chevron and there you go!


05. Mismatched neons

05. Mismatched neons

We didn’t think we would try the mismatched nails in the striking neon colours until we saw this gorgeous nail art. It is a great way to add some colourful drama to your nail without going all out.

Image courtesy: Instagram