You’ve got only one life. Why waste it sporting a boring manicure?

If you are looking for boring nail art designs -- let me warn you -- you are not going to find any here. Understated and subtle nails are classy and chic, but nothing makes a statement quite like OTT nails.

If you feel the same way, you are going to love what we have in store for you. We have curated the most glitzy and glamourous, overstated if we might say, manicure ideas for all the maximalists out there. Take a look…


Floral bling

Floral bling - Nail art design

Made of shimmer, floral print and tiny golden nail accents—this nail art can make any manicure maximalist go weak in the knees. While glittery gold is extra AF, the floral art and subtle white balance it out perfectly. Plus, it is a fab nail art to sport at a wedding too. Love!


3D magic

3D magic - Nail art design

With literally everything getting a 3D version -- from clothes to makeup -- how can nail art not catch in on the trend. Try this pink manicure with ombre nail art and 3D gel-like pattern this summer to be everyone’s nail crush.


Animal print

Animal print  - Nail art design

Animal print is so in RN! Wear this gorgeous print with aplomb. Might as well mix up a couple of animal prints and colours while you are at it ‘cause why not?


Metallic details

Metallic details - Nail art design

What could be more flashy and showy than the metallic finish itself? But if the shiny nail colour isn’t enough, pair it with an OTT nail art featuring metallic detailing. This looks absolutely stunning and is in no way minimal or boring. Wear it for a party with your shimmery outfit and blind your haters with a sway of your hand.


Say it with your nails

Say it with your nails - Nail art design

Wear your heart on your sleeve nails. Slogan nails are a way to express yourself in the most explicit way. Not to mention, it makes for the perfect Gram-worthy nail post too.