When it comes to ombre nails, it is one of the most common manicure trends that rarely ever goes out of style. Easy to apply and easy to maintain (which is quite important), anyone who likes playing with their nail game must have tried it at least once. And if you have tried to do it at home, it must have met with much frustration as that smooth gradient effect doesn’t really look the same when done by your favorite parlour aunty. However, we may have just found the simplest yet effective hack for you. 


Achieve ombre nails at home: the basics

Achieve ombre nails at home: the basics

What’s better than one nail colour? Two nail colours blended to perfection! Yes, we are talking about the mesmerising ombre nails that remain the hottest and most stunning manicure ever. We can’t seem to get enough of this pretty nail art and find ourselves going to the salon every once in a while to paint our nails oh-so-ombre. 

But if you are a beauty junkie like us, you must have come across the ombre hack and wondered if it actually works. Well, if you love a challenge, we have curated some effective tips and tricks to get a salon-like finish while painting your nails ombre at home. 


Essentials needed to create the ombre nails at home

Essentials needed to create the ombre nails at home

To get the ombre nail art at home, you will need to get crafty. You will need two nail colours, a base coat, toothpick or pin and a sponge, trust us. The nail colours can be of similar shades like a blue and light blue or white, or complementing colours like purple and pink. 

Hack to achieve ombre nails at home  

Step 1 - Paint your base 

Start with clear nails. Paint your nails in the lighter of the two nail colours that you are using for the nail art. The Lakme Absolute Gel Stylist Nail Color - Snowball is the white base you can start with. With a glossy finish in the first swipe, it will be easier for you to play around with the colours. 

Step 2 - Create the gradient aka ombre effect 

Next, drop a few drops of both nail paints on a plain surface next to each other. With the white, you can go with the Lakme Absolute Gel Stylist Nail Color - Skyfall which is a light blue. Swirl the nail paints where they meet with the help of a toothpick or pin so they graduate into an ombré effect. 

Step 3 - Paint the sponge  

Take a piece of sponge long enough to cover your nail and dab it on the gradient polish several times. You can also paint the nail polish directly on the sponge. 

Step 4 - Now paint WITH the sponge!

Image credit: @sophiastylianou_ 

Step 4 - Now paint WITH the sponge! 

Now, take the painted sponge and press it on your nail. Make sure it covers the complete nail. Move from side to side in order to cover the whole nail surface. While dabbing, make sure that the point where the colours meet is over the centre of your nail. 

Step 5 - Erase the spilled nail paint 

You can clear the spilled-over nail polish around the nail with a Q-tip dipped in nail paint remover. 

Step 6 - Finishing touches 

Apply a top base coat for a smooth and glossy finish. And voila, you’re done! 


Types of ombre effect

Types of ombre effect

Image credit: @thenaillabgc 

Glitter nails 

Say you have mastered the ombre nail art and are looking for something new, why don’t you go for glitter? While it is easier to play with matte and shiny colours, glitter is a whole new game changer.  

  • Paint your base colour as usual.  

  • Then take the glitter polish and apply it to the tip first.  

  • Before it dries, take the brush with the leftover product on it and drag some of the glitter from the tip of your nail to the middle gently. 


Vertical gradient

Vertical gradient

Image credit: @thenailcompanysidcup 

An easy way to jazz up the ombre is just to change the direction of the gradient.  

  • Instead of the two colours being on top and bottom, turn your sponge so that the colours are side by side.  

  • And then just press it onto your nail to get a vertical gradient! 


TikTok's French tips

TikTok's French tips

Image credit: @claulovesnails 

You must have seen this TikTok trend everywhere during the monsoons but it isn’t as complicated as it looks. 

  • Create a vertical gradient ombre look and then apply a top clear coat after it dries.  

  • Wait for 20 minutes till your nails are fully dry.  

  • Then take a French tip guide or normal tape and apply it near the edge of your nail.  

  • Create the ombre on a fresh sponge and apply it to your tip in the opposite direction. So if the light colour is on your left, this time it will be on the right for your tip. And you’re done with your French ombre nails!


FAQs about achieving ombre nails at home

FAQs about achieving ombre nails at home

Q. What is ombre nail design? 

Ombre is a type of gradient. It means that one colour blends into another colour from the top or from the side into the base coat of the nail. 

Q. Are ombre nails still in style in 2022? 

Yep. Ombre nail art is just one of those trends that don’t usually go out of style. In fact, summer 2022 was full of this nail art. 

Q. Can you refill ombre nails? 

Yes, you can. You do not actually have to start from scratch if your nail polish is chipped. You can file the edges as much as you can. And then just paint using the nail paint shade that is on the top. 

Well, there you have it. No more going to the salon if you want to get ombre nails. With this nifty little trick that only requires a sponge, get to channelling your inner Van Gogh today!