So you’re three months away from your big day which means you’ve probably got (jitters) your outfits, looks, makeup and hair stylists sorted out.
In our continuing BB bridal checklist for all our lovely brides-to-be, we put down five things you need to have down pat when you’re less than a 100 days away from your wedding…

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Revise your skincare routine
Since any kind of skin treatment usually takes a while to swing into action, three months after you begin your bridal skincare consultation should be adequate time for you to assess the results. Is it working or have you noticed some other side effects? Do you need to change your medication or do you need to change your dermat (it’s never too late to do that). Do antibiotics work well or do you need homeopathy? If you’re seeing results you approve, chances are that your dermat will ask you to continue with the same course of medication or shift his focus to the problem areas that still persist. Either way, maintain a notebook with all these records.

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Shortlist your hair and makeup looks
Now that you’ve finally shortlisted your makeup and hair artist, have an open discussion with him/her about the kind of looks you have in mind. If you’re seeking inspiration from Bollywood or even the Internet, carry images and references. The most important part about this discussion, however, is to be open to feedback – you might want to wear statement lips or a fishtail braid for your reception, but if they think that it’s a bad idea, hear them out. Remember that they’ve been in the business longer than you, so clearly, they do know better. The important thing is to work together with your ideas and their expertise to get your final look in place.

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Spruce up and strengthen your diet
You’ve probably already got used to eating a healthy diet and cutting out the excesses, so now it’s time to take things a little further by eating more of what’s right and cutting out what’s wrong. This means, if you were sneaking in a bar of chocolate a week, it’s time to banish it from your midnight diet (if you’re brave) or bring it down to one piece, give up the bread, say no gluten and eat with a conscience. Since you’ll also be working out ensure that you increase your intake of proteins and natural fibres that’ll help you build muscle as well as keep a check on your waistline. Most importantly – do not panic and go on a crash diet.

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Go from fat to fit
If you’ve been loyal to your bridal beauty boot camp when it comes to your body, you should be used to your workout routine by now. Just like the rock needs to be first cut into shape before the artist can sculpt and chisel out the details, the same applies to your body. Now that you’ve gotten yourself used to a workout routine, it’s time to amp it up. Is it your stomach and your abs that will show through your lehenga that need more work? Or do your arms need to be more toned in order to wear all those sleeveless blouses? Take a good, hard, honest look at yourself in the mirror and decide on what to make your next fitness goal. Make it clear to your trainer (if you have one) and ask them to monitor your progress every week.

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Schedule sleep
Now that your wedding is fast approaching there is one other thing that you need to master – a decent sleep routine. If you’re working out and eating and scheduling meetings with makeup artists and stylists, you might as well go a step ahead and schedule in some hours of rest. It’s a given that with our daily work schedules, we manage only about six to seven hours of sleep everyday but for a bride-to-be that’s definitely not enough and it’ll start showing on your face, body and immune system sooner than you think. While it might sound a tad absurd, try to get a sleep cycle in place where you hit the sack at a decent time and clock in at least eight hours of good sleep every night. A well-rested mind and a well-rested body makes for a healthy, glowing bride!