Makeup artist extraordinaire Donald Simrock has done it all. From the Hollywood stars he has glammed up to the music videos he has worked on, his list of achievements are endless. However, this Indian sojourn of his marked a new first, as it was his first time working at Lakmé Fashion Week. We took 10 with the talented artist to talk about his experience at the city’s biggest fashion event and his works of art on the ramp.

makeup look by artist donald simrock

BeBeautiful: How has your experience been at Lakmé Fashion Week?

Donald Simrock: It’s been a whirlwind! It’s intense and things are carried out differently around here. Because everything is condensed within such a short amount of time, there’s a higher level of buzz around it which is pretty cool!

BB: Seeing your looks come to life on the ramp has been so exciting to witness; tell us a little bit about that.

DS: I’m having so much fun creating them: it feels like giving birth and nurturing a brand new look at each show!

BB: Can you tell us a little bit about the look created for the Lakmé Absolute Grand Finale show by Sabyasachi?

DS: I aimed to keep the look timeless and very expensive. Timelessness to me is something that may be new to see but one which will never go out of style. The look all reflects in the textures and they are created with the palettes by Lakmé Absolute.

makeup artist donald simrock

BB: While trends are gorgeous to look at on the ramp, they aren’t always wearable. Your thoughts?

DS: Trends aren’t always wearable but they are just as important because they are part of a brand’s image. So they may not be wearable but they are memorable and they make people remember the look.

BB: What about the more wearable looks you created?

DS: We’ve did do quite a few wearable looks during Lakmé Fashion Week. They are fresh and lend a new perspective and are quite easy to recreate.

BB: What key area have you been focussing on this season?

DS: This season, there’s been a lot of focus on perfecting the skin as well as its complexion and tone. For that, the new Lakmé Absolute Illuminating Foundations are amazing since they leave the skin looking dewy and pretty!

treasured look at lakme fashion week

BB: For the everyday girl, what are the tips to keep in mind while recreating a runway look?

DS: Firstly, think about your best feature. If you know that an eye look can work for you, start from there. Once you do that, you will understand what percentage of the look can be toned down. For example, if it’s a smokey eye, maybe reduce it down by 60% to make it more wearable for you. You don’t have to use an entire look; just one part of it is enough to try at once because you wouldn’t want it to look like you’re playing dress up.

BB: I know it’s difficult to choose but do you have a most treasured look that you created at Lakmé Fashion Week?

DS: I don’t think I can choose because every show has had an element which was a part of me. At the end of the show, you often think, “oh, this one was my favourite!” but in reality, all of them are your favourite because you’re putting yourself in each of them. The Shantanu and Nikhil show was interesting because I did each of the men’s looks myself including the showstopper, Riteish Deshmukh just because I wanted it to look exactly how it was meant to be.