Our 3 Favourite Easy-To-Do Looks For Halloween

Written by Girija NaiksatamNov 11, 2016
Diwali might be over but with Halloween just around the corner, we’ve got another excuse to get a tad bit more creative with our vanity kit. Putting all of our eye, lip, cheek and other makeup paraphernalia to good use, here are three of our favourite easy-to-do Halloween ideas and how you can wear them too.

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If you’re a big fan of the Classics (or the movies for that matter) it’s an excellent (and super easy) idea to go dressed as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde or even Harvey ‘Two-Face’ Dent. Who said that only the boys are allowed to play superheroes or villains, huh?

Get the look: Keep one half of your face absolutely bare save for some foundation and a sweeping liner to play up your good-girl look. For the Jekyll half of your face, call on a friend, hand them the Lakmé liquid liner in black, the Absolute Drama Stylist Shadow Crayon in Grey and the Eyeconic White Liner and give them the liberty to go as wild (and scary as possible) and complete your Halloween look.

Bonus tip: Keep your ensemble muted and play around with textures instead – think shades of black, grey or brown with lace, ruffles or tassels.

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The fact that so many people are scared of clowns is even more reason to dress up as one for your Halloween party. The fact that they’re not as popular as superheroes or vampires probably means that the chances of you being the only one dressed up as one are pretty darn good. Originality still counts, yes?

Get the look: Start with a base layer of mousse and follow it up with foundation. Outline the area around your eyes in the shape of a diamond with the Lakmé Absolute Kohl Ultimate and fill in the area with the liquid liner.
Next, draw a circle on the apples of your cheeks and fill it in with blush in the same/similar shade. Find yourself a fake clown nose and finish your look with a deep lip colour (we love the Vermillion Fired from the Lakmé 9to5 Range).

Bonus tip: Don’t forget that bow tie and those suspenders.

easy to do halloween looks 2014 430x550

Turns out, the bunny makes an appearance every Halloween. Well…when it’s that cute (and easy to pull off), it’s hard to give this costume a miss. We suggest an all-white or baby pink ensemble with a powder puff or a pom-pom for a tail and a hairband with bunny ears to go with it.

Get the look: If you want to look like the cutest bunny in the house, you’ve got to keep it natural. Keep your skin well moisturised and dewy with just a tad bit of foundation. Add a few strokes of pink on your cheeks with the Chromatic Blush in Day Sheer for a hint of colour and play up your lips with a pretty pink (our fave is the Pink Charge from the Lakmé 9to5 Creaseless Range.)

Bonus tip: Don’t forget to pout!

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