With 2015 here, you sure have a line of get-togethers and parties already highlighted on your calendar for this year, right? While it’s easy to go the classic and safe route for such occasions, it’s time to let go off the predictable and step out of your comfort zone to make an impact that’s far from forgettable. After all, a new year is all about trying something new, yes?

3 ways to make beauty statement this new year graphic 430x550

Go Graphic

It is definitely not your everyday style of makeup but graphic eyes are a great way to make a statement this year. Think geometric lines, bold patterns and cubist eye makeup. Give the traditional cat eye a new spin-off by exaggerating the dimensions. Add a dash of colour by using the Lakmé Eyeconic in turquoise to create a strong defined eye that does all the talking!

3 ways to make beauty statement this new year eyelashes 430x550

Lash Effect

Who says it has got to be about colour when it comes to making a statement? Go all out by amping up your lashes and watch the difference it makes! Get out your curling wand and trusted mascara to create a very dramatic flutter-every-time you blink look. Work your hair in a sleek pulled-back do to maximise the impact.

3 ways to make beauty statement this new year metallics 430x550

Shine On

It’s all about sequins and metallics when it comes to clothes and it’s a great idea to extend this trend to your makeup! We love how the Lakmé Absolute Drama Stylist Shadow Crayon unleashes the right amount of drama, keeping up with the celebratory spirit of a new year in one single stroke. Team this with glossy skin and you have a winner here!