One of the most intimidating but smouldering eye makeup looks has to be the smokey eye. It’s dark, deep and dramatic! Now more often than not, the smokey eye is done in black, but a little bit of a twist can create a wow-worthy smokey eye. 

We got beauty influencer Deep Pathare to show us two different ways to do smokey eyes this festive season. Take a look.

  1. Burgundy Smokey Eye

Step 1: Take a light pink colour on a fluffy blending brush and apply it on the crease. This shade acts as a transition shade and helps the other shadows blend better.

Step 2: Using the same blending brush, take a darker magenta shade. Place it on the outer edge of the eyes and the crease & blend. Keep building with the same colour till you are happy with the pigmentation.

BB pro tip: Make sure to blend really well so there are no harsh lines!

Step 3: Now take a black eyeshadow on a small blending brush and place it right at the edge of the eye and blend it out.

Step 4: Take the same magenta eyeshadow and place it on the lid. Make sure that the black eyeshadow and the magenta colour blends really well. 

Step 5: Again using the same magenta colour on a flat brush apply it on the lower lash line.

BB pro tip: As it’s a dramatic look you can skip the eye liner completely. 

Step 6: Next, curl the lashes with an eyelash curler and apply a generous coat of mascara. 

Step 7: For the final step, apply highlighter on the inner corner of the eyes to make them look bigger, and on the brow bone to define the brows.

Step 8: Finish off this look with a nude lipstick, so it doesn't clash with the dark smokey eyes. 

  1. Metallic Smokey Eye

Step 1: Start with a light brown colour, which acts as a transition colour that makes darker colours blend well.

Step 2: Take a black eyeshadow and place it on the outer edge and drag it on the crease. 

BB pro tip: Make sure you take a little bit of shadow and then build it up. Otherwise, you’ll spend too much time blending. 

Step 3: Now take silver glitter and apply it on the inner third of the lids. 

BB pro tip: If you end up getting glitter on the crease just take the crease shade and buff the glitter out.

Step 4: For the lower lash line, apply a dark brown eyeshadow.

Step 5: Next, apply mascara to open up the eyes.

Step 6: Finish off by adding highlighter to the brow bone as well as the inner corners of the eyes.

Step 7: Opt for a nude shade of lipstick to complement this eye look. 

If the steps look too complicated, watch the video and we’re sure you’ll be able to recreate these looks with ease!