With new and evolving trends, every bride-to-be will have a unique definition of bridal makeup. While some may want to stick to the traditional route and opt for heavily kohl-rimmed eyes and a bold red pout for their D-day, others may want to represent a modern Indian bride with a fresh makeup look that oozes a lit-from-within glow.

While prepping for your special day requires months of planning, it is important that you take into consideration not just your outfit and jewelry but also your hair and makeup. You don’t want to end up looking like a 10 year old did your hair and makeup on your wedding day, do you? Therefore, hair and makeup trials are a must.

In fact, we suggest that once you have your outfit ready, book an appointment with your makeup artist and try out a few different looks before locking in the final look. This way, you can finalise a look that best complements your bridal attire, and at the same time, enjoy the process on your D-day, instead of getting stuck making last-minute decisions that could also end up ruining your bridal makeup look.

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Whether you’re a makeup minimalist or maximalist, here’s some bridal makeup inspo for every kind of bride out there.

For makeup minimalists:

If your idea of bridal makeup is a fresh base, rosy glow and glossy lips, then here are two looks you can take inspiration from.


1. The millennial bride

The millennial bride

Ananya Panday represents the perfect millennial bride. While her makeup is big on blush, her eye makeup is a subtle mix of shimmer and glitter, with a nude glossy pout finishing her look.

Starting off with a dewy base, there is oodles of blush placed on the centre of her cheeks and highlighter to highlight the high points of her face.

Ananya’s eye makeup is what every millennial bride out there would vouch for. There is gold shimmer eyeshadow layered with glitter accents sans kajal and eyeliner. Generous coats of mascara add more definition to her eye makeup.

The best part about Ananya’s bridal makeup look is that the minimal-yet-glamorous look is tied together with a nude lip gloss, instead of a bright, bold lipstick. Unusually appealing, isn’t it?

BB pro tip: If you don’t want your shimmer, glitter lids to crease or look cakey on your D-day, make sure you pamper your skin with pre-bridal treatments at Lakmé salon. Makeup will glide on smoothly only when the surface of your skin is free of dead cells and dry patches.


2. The demure bride

The demure bride

Thanks to Anushka Sharma for making the fresh bridal makeup look a big beauty trend. All those who saw Anushka’s bridal look fell head over heels in love with her soft, lit-from-within glow. And yes, we loved it too!

And recently, Sonam Kapoor Ahuja too sported a similar bridal makeup look. Sonam’s bridal makeup was matchy-matchy with her lehenga. From her bridal designer outfit to her makeup and lipstick, everything was in hues of pink. Whoever said pink was too girly, didn’t know how beautifully the colour could stand out on a bride.

Her base makeup has a beautiful matte finish, followed by a flush of pink going over her cheeks. To break the pink monotone, Sonam’s eye makeup has dark brown definition with a classic winged liner and dramatic falsies.

A soft pink matte lipstick ties her bridal makeup look together.        

BB pro tip: Do you prefer a matte base over dewy? Then girl, you need to go the extra mile to make sure your skin is hydrated and nourished. Matte finish can make dry skin look drier, and you don’t want that to show on your wedding day, right? So, pamper yourself at Lakmé salon with a pre-bridal skin treatment such as a facial so that your skin looks healthy and glowing.

For makeup maximalists:

If your idea of bridal makeup is smokey eyes, pastel colours and bold red lipstick, then here are two stunning looks you can take inspiration from.


3. The uber glamorous bride

The uber glamorous bride

If you’re itching to take the modern smokey glam look to your wedding day, then firstly, you definitely need a trial beforehand. While smokey eyes can instantly up your glamour quotient, you don’t want it to take away all the attention from your bridal attire. Your makeup needs to complement your outfit, not overpower it.

Taking cues from Yami Gautam, include smokey eyes in your bridal makeup in a subtle yet striking way. Since you’re playing up the eyes, keep the rest of your face makeup toned down.

The base of Yami’s makeup is luminous followed by an earthy tone of blush. Her smokey eyes have a gradient effect, starting with a lighter hue on the inner corner and moving towards darker tones towards the outer corner. A soft smokey effect along her lower lids is adding more oomph to her eye makeup.

A matte brown lipstick finishes her glamorous look.

BB pro tip: To make sure that your high-definition eye makeup turns out just the way you’d imagined, sign up for free bridal makeup trial at Lakmé salon.


4. The experimental bride

The experimental bride

It takes next-level confidence to be an experimental bride! Not many would opt for a high-on-highlighter-and-bronzer look, not at least for their D-day! However, Pernia Qureshi dared to stand out when she went for a bold bridal makeup look. Nonetheless, she pulled it off like a queen. Kudos to her!

Her base is completely matte, followed by loads of highlighter and bronzer. Her features are defined to look sharp with on-point contouring, case in point, her jawline and nose. Her shimmery eye makeup is further defined with a winged eyeliner. The airbrushed effect comes through beautifully.

Being the bold bride she is, Pernia goes the traditional route by tying her bridal makeup look together with a dark red lipstick.

BB pro tip: If you’re itching to try airbrush makeup for your D-day, then we suggest you book Lakmé salon to help you look like an absolute dream.

FAQs about Bridal Makeup Looks:

Q. What is HD makeup?

A. High-definition makeup is something that most brides opt for. HD makeup feels featherlight on your skin and manages to hide all your skin imperfections such as blemishes, acne scars and pigmentation. It blends seamlessly while camouflaging the imperfections, and looks great in photographs and videos.

Q. How do I prepare my body for my wedding day?

A. Healthy skin starts with a healthy body. Apart from indulging in skin treatments prior to your wedding, it’s also important that you give your body extra TLC. Eat healthier, get active and focus on areas that need more attention such as nails, feet and teeth.

Q. What are some of the best foods that every bride to-be should indulge in?

A. Foods for naturally glowing skin include everything that is loaded with antioxidants, vitamins A and E, omega 3-fatty acids and flavonoids. Include lettuce, fish, olive oil, chocolates and eggs in your daily diet.

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