Summer is just around the corner and we are on the lookout for brand-new manicures to rock this season. It’s a no-brainer that summer is synonymous with colour, flowers and yummy treats. This is one season that livens and brightens up literally everything, so how can your nails be painted in the same dark and dull colours you wore in the winters? A new season calls for new nail art with summer-appropriate nail colors and on-trend artsy ideas. So have you decided the summer nail art you are going to sport this season? No? Let us help you out with that.

We are suckers for the hottest new nail trends and are always searching for chic nail art designs to bring to you. Before the summer heat takes over, let’s look at some summer nail art designs that should be on your radar. We have rounded up 10 of the most gorgeous summer nail art designs for you to give a try this season. From 3D floral art to jelly nails and tie and dye art to fruit nails, here some summer nail art ideas that are so chic and colourful that you’d want to try them right away. Don’t believe us? Take a look.


1. Tie and dye

Tie and dye

No, this isn’t just a fabric design anymore, tie and dye has become one of the hottest summer nail art trends of the season this year. A beautiful pattern with a bunch of bright contrasting colours on a basic white or blue base sums up as the perfect nail art for summer. You can try DIY-ing it at home with some manicure tools and vibrant nail colours but for a Gram-worthy finish, we say hit the salon.


2. 3D floral

3D floral

Even the manicure noobs know that summer and floral nails go together. But, this year, we took our nail game a notch higher. We are not ditching the floral patterns for sure, just making it 3D! 3D nails are glamourous, quirky and totally having a moment RN. Get a combo of doodles of some pretty flowers with nail colours and some 3D flowers pasted on. You can also use stick-ons and floral nail accents to get the look.


3. Tropic feels

Tropic feels

Whether you are going on a summer vacation to a beach destination or not, you can certainly get the tropical feels with this nail art trend. If you can’t go to the beach, bring the beach to you with this easy-breezy summer nail art. Team cool summery nail colours like pinks, greens, blues and yellows and paint some pineapples or coconuts on the accent nail and some tropical elements like mocktails, leaves or ocean waves on the others. Takes you right back to your favourite beach vacay, doesn’t it?


4. Art attack

Art attack

This one’s for the graphic nail art lovers. If feminine florals and basic solids are not your jam and you are an artist by heart, try this minimalistic artsy nail art. Play up some shapes and colours and make your own abstract summer nail art design. Isn’t that what summer’s all about, anyway? Doing whatever you feel like and showing off your skills? So, get your manicure kit out, throw some colours together and get yourself an artistic manicure to rock this summer.


5. Milk bath nails

Milk bath nails

Imagine milky bathwater with petals of dried up colourful flowers floating in it. Very Cleopatra, right? Now imagine it on your nails. Gorgeous, isn’t it? A milky white, almost translucent base with tiny florets all over, looks as serene as it sounds. This summer nail art goes by the name ‘milk bath nails’. Just like its name, it looks pretty and pristine and thus is apt to sport in the scorching summer heat.


6. Jell-o nails

Jell-o nails

Ever heard of jelly nails? Well, these are clear, see-through nails that were huge in the 90s and have recently made a comeback! They have already taken over our Instagram feeds with a million variations. We think it’s just the perfect summer nail art trend as it is bright, colourful and subtly chic. Don’t know about you, we are gonna get this one in a neon shade!


7. Summer treats

Summer treats

Here’s an adorable summery nail art design to rock when you are feeling cute. Team your printed sundresses and summer skirts with these cute fruity nail art designs. Get little peaches, kiwis, watermelons or different fruit treats painted on different tips and literally wear summer on your nails. It’s creative, colourful and oh-so yummy that you might want to bite your nails!


8. Sunny blooms

Sunny blooms

Yellow is THE colour for summer, and you can’t deny it! So, how can sunny summer blooms not be on this list? Ask any manicure maniac and they’d tell you that this floral nail art trend is the most coveted summer manicure. The fact that it is so simple yet chic makes it the hottest nail art of this season.


9. Melting tips

Melting tips

This melting tips nail art is giving us major summer feels. You might have spotted this nail art on Kylie Jenner’s Insta post. Well, when the OG manicure buff has approved it herself, need we say more? Go get this gorgeous melting tips nail art this summer and become everyone’s nail crush.


10. Glitter and gloss

Glitter and gloss

What’s summer without a little bling and shine, eh? But here is an understated nail art that’s not too OTT and thus a dream for manicure minimalists and maximalists alike. Team a glossy pastel nail colour with some glittery and shimmery nail paint in the same colour to get yourself a summer-apt French manicure.

FAQs about Nail Art Designs:

Q. What nail colours are best to wear in summer?

A. Go for bold and bright nail colours like fuchsia, yellow, orange and red. You can also opt for cool and soothing pastel colours like baby blue, lime green, pink and lemon yellow.

Q. What are some nail trends that are hot in summer/spring 2020?

A. Shellac nails, jelly nails and butterfly manicures are some of the trendiest summer nail arts that you could try in 2020. A variety of floral nail art designs like milk bath nails and neon florals are also on the radar of manicure buffs this season.

Q. How can I DIY summer nail art at home?

A. Pick an easy nail art design and grab the tools required to pull off salon-like summer nail art at home. You can work a polka dot nail art using a toothpick or a pen. You can also paint tiny flowers with a manicure tool or any tool with a pointed tip.

Q. Which nail shape is best for summer manicures?

A. You can opt for medium squoval nails, short round shapes or almond nails for your summer manicure. These nail shapes are in trend and are apt for the summer season.