5 Bold Eye Makeup Trends We Are Totally Digging Rn

Written by Sumona BoseSep 16, 2023
5 bold eye makeup trends we are totally digging RN

When it comes to eye makeup, there are no rules. Both OTT and minimal looks are equally sought after, depending entirely on your makeup mood for the day. While we love peachy eyeshadows or foiled lids, some days call for adding extra drama. Even if you’re a beginner and lack the skillset to pull off a cut crease or a floating liner, there are other ways to create a bold look without a faux pas. Here are some stunning eye makeup looks that you can create without having to curse at yourself in the mirror. Psst… we picked the ones that are trending at the ATM!


01. over neon

05. Bold brows

Image courtesy: @iamkareno

Stack neon pigments on top of one another for a cool and statement look. Starting 2019, these vibrant hues have reigned street style trends and adding them to your makeup look can be a fun twist for your day-to-day glam.

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02. Bloom liners

05. Bold brows

Image courtesy: @nikki_makeup

Blame HBO’s Euphoria for making floral patterns around the eyes such a mood! Bloom shapes can be drawn with both coloured pencils and liquid liners. However, we prefer the kohls because they are easier to control and work with. '

BB picks: Lakmé Absolute Kohl Ultimate


03. Vibing with the lower lash

05. Bold brows

Image courtesy: @brittsully
Blue pigments look magnificent when paired with dusky skin tones. They make such a nice contrast to the deep skin tones and when taken to the lower lash, make for a bold statement look.

BB picks: Lakmé Eyeconic Kajal - Royal Blue


04. Dreaming in magenta

05. Bold brows

Image courtesy: @adamburrell

Yet another colour that looks flawless on Indian skin tone is magenta — it is a chicer version of the vibrant red and a unique hue to go for among the sea of pinks and golds eye makeup looks.


05. Bold brows

05. Bold brows

Image courtesy: @brittsully

Talking about eye makeup in 2020 demands the mention of eyebrows — they grabbed a lot of attention on this season’s virtual runways as well! Messy, bold and feathered brows are having a major moment and you don’t want to miss out. Plus, if there ever was a reason to let your eyebrows grow out and be wild, let this be it.

A neat hack to keep your brows in place is by using a clean spoolie and rubbing it on a glycerin bar of soap like the Pears Pure and Gentle Bathing Bar. Use this to brush up your brows to groom and set them in place.

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