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Written by Chandni GhoshJun 24, 2016
We chance upon a new eyebrow makeup trend every other day and we’re far from complaining. The beauty enthusiasts that we are, the evolution of makeup just keeps us occupied. Wondering what’s the latest craze du jour? The underbrow trend—a fad almost like glitter eyebrows but this time it’s worn right below your brows. Read on to find out more…

What is it?

Want to give the trend a shot?

We’ve gone from power brows to bleached eyebrows and coloured brows and now, it’s the underbrow craze. Also known as the painted brow, this one has a line drawn right under your brows. If beauty reports are anything to go by, it is becoming quite a statement-making look what with millions of girls trying their hand at underbrows and posting their selfies on Instagram. Don’t believe us? Get on Instagram account and #underbrow to see for yourself!

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How did the trend start rolling?

Want to give the trend a shot?

The trend was first spotted on the runway when Gigi Hadid walked the ramp for Gaimbattista Valli Fall 2016 with a shimmery silver line right at the bottom of her brows. Needless to say, it got beauty moguls lauding it for its boldness.


Want to give the trend a shot?

Want to give the trend a shot?

We know you spend hours trying to get the cat eye look right but this trend is far from energy-sapping. All you need to do is trace along the crease of the eyebrow using a liner or a crayon eyeshadow. Our suggestion? You can use the Lakmé Absolute Precision Eye Artist Kajal and draw a thin line right below your brow. These are metallic pencils in various colours and will easily lend that subtle glitter on your underbrows. Your other option is using the Lakmé Drama Stylist Shadow Crayons that come in a bunch of yummy metallic shades—perfect to draw that shimmery underbrow. If you’re feeling even more adventurous, you can use skin friendly glue and paste tiny sequins, glitter or even embellishments on this brow.

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