For beauty lovers like us, news of an upcoming makeup trend is always welcome—we have another makeup look to experiment with, and, if we photograph it well, it could land us a place among Instagram’s trending photos. So when halo makeup began to make waves on the beauty scene, we were super excited! Here’s everything you need to know about this recent eye makeup craze…

halo eye makeup

One look at your Instagram feed and 7 out of 10 times, you’ll find a gorgeous beauty influencer flaunting her flawless face. In all probability, she’s sporting the halo eye makeup trend that’s been around as a technique for a while but became popular only recently. From celebrities on the red carpet to social media stars, everyone’s got a halo these days, except that it’s on their eyes and not their heads.

halo eye makeup tips

This eye makeup look comprises a dark toned eye shadow on the inner and outer corners of the eye and a light coloured shadow in the centre. This creates a circular glow on the eyelid or a halo, if you will.

halo eye makeup look

To get the halo eye makeup look…

Start by applying the light purple shade from the Lakmé Absolute Illuminating Eye Shadow Palette in Silver all over your lid. Then, in the inner and outer corner of your eye dab the black shade. Ensure that you don’t go into the crease. Next, apply the silver shade at the centre of the lid to join both the black sections together. Repeat the same process on your lower eyelid—a dark shade in both corners and a light shade in the centre. Finally, to create a seamless look, blend the edges of each shade together. Finish off with a swipe of eyeliner and mascara

Image Credits: Preen, Pinterest, Life with MCM, Blogspot