The floating crease eyeliner trend first made a big splash at New York Fashion Week early this year. It appeared in many decodes after but it was only a few weeks ago that it really exploded on Instagram. And as the beauty world would have it—whatever trends on Instagram begins to trend in reality—so within a few hours, we had beauty bloggers and fashionistas all giving different variations of this super easy floating eyeliner trend a go!

floating crease eyeliner

Like most of the recent trends that have looked to the 90s for inspiration, the Floating Crease Eyeliner too seems to be inspired by the colourful eye trends from two decades ago.

applying floating crease eyeliner

As the name suggests the Floating Crease Eyeliner is a line that sits near the upper crease of your eye, almost mid-way between your eyelashes and your eyebrow. The thin line runs all along the length of your eye stopping just short of the outer end.

Does this mean that it replaces all the eye make that you otherwise would apply? Well…that depends on how light or how heavy you want your eye makeup to be!

wearing floating crease eyeliner

One way of wearing the crease is with a liquid eyeliner the same colour as the crease, alternately, you could ditch applying eyeliner altogether, rely heavily on mascara and have your bright coloured floating eyeliner do all the talking.

apply floating crease eyeliner

Another way is to do the old school winged liner method and go a little OTT with a colourful crease stroke or rather, apply a really thick stroke, almost as if it were shadow itself. Yet another is to double it up with two creases instead of just one!

Want to give this a shot on your own and wondering how to apply eyeliner in this way? Here’s a breakdown…

Step 1: Start by priming your lids as you usually would.

Step 2: Layer on a base eyeshadow colour of your choice.

Step 3: Next, open your eyes and make note of where exactly your eye folds.

Step 4: Once you’ve figured that out, take the liquid eyeliner in the colour of your choice and draw an arc just a few millimeters above the fold in such a way that it sits parallel to the arc.

Like we’ve mentioned before you could even coordinate the colour of your shadow with the colour of your liner or choose two colours from the same family eg: A light pink with a fuchsia or a powder or cobalt blue on the lids with a navy stroke in the floating crease.

floating crease eyeliner style

No matter how you choose to apply this eyeliner style, one thing’s for certain—you ideally must do this with a bare or nude face. Go overboard with too much of a blush or heavy lipstick and you’ll have one part of your face screaming for more attention than the other!

Image Courtesy: Pinterest, Instagram, Messywands