While we all love dollying up and enjoying the kiss of makeup, the beauty mavens know that after bagging all those compliments and sweet takeaways, you got to take off the beauty layer as skillfully as you applied it. And yes, we’re talking about makeup removal. Frequently done too quickly and sometimes, not done at all (calling out all our lazy girls), removing makeup with skill is an art too; all about skill and technique. And to take you through it all; the DOs and DON’Ts of how to remove makeup.   

Following these steps will eventually ensure that you never wake up with clumpy lashes, concealer tucked into the creases of your nose or any fresh zits! Just clean, clear and amazing skin. What more could you want? So, scroll down and learn more. 

4 Do’s of Makeup Removal  

A little guidelines to adhere to when taking off the layers of gorgeousness, while making your way into your natural good looks! 


What to Do #1: Take your time

Dos and donts of makeup removal

After a long day, all you can think of is getting into your cozy bed. However, hold your comfy feet as there’s no justification for skipping the most crucial step in your evening routine— your skincare! You must take your time and treat your skin with the respect it requires and also give it all the love it deserves. So, before plunging into your mattress, take some time to gently remove your makeup since you need to get every last trace of your complete face of makeup.

Keep in mind that vigorous rubbing, especially on sensitive skin, can generate friction, which can result in redness, irritability, and wrinkles. Hence, give your dermis the TLC it deserves - ground rule 1 of how to remove makeup and of course, skincare in general!


What to Do #2: Lather and Leave

Dos and donts of makeup removal

When it comes to your evening cleanse, patience is key! Lather and leave (easy to say) is a terrific approach to ensure that your face is fully makeup-free. 

Apply your facial cleanser. If you’re on the hunt for one we’re fans of the A1 Lakme Absolute Bi Phased Makeup Remover! Give this magic solution plenty of time to absorb into your skin (up to 5 minutes). This makes the final scrub and rinse simple because you know the cleanser is softening any dried-out eyeliner or mascara. Even though we are aware of the greatness of our magnetic liner, we don't precisely want to sleep in it.


What to Do #3: Remember your hairline

Dos and donts of makeup removal

Remembering to pull back your hair can mean the difference between waking up with clear, glowy skin and break-outs abounding. And if you’re not careful, you can really drown yourself in how to remove the makeup process so the natural oils from your hair can transfer to your skin and clog your pores.

So, be sure to tie back your hair after each cleaning session so you can reach all the inner spaces. 


What to Do #4: Purchase good makeup removal products

Dos and donts of makeup removal

Talk about saving time when thinking  about how to remove makeup. Investing in a cleanser designed for makeup removal will help you remove the most makeup with the least amount of effort. Your makeup wipes wouldn't work, as we warned you!  

What qualities does a good cleanser have? 

#1 Exfoliants 

Exfoliants are excellent for removing makeup and bothersome dead skin cells, but be careful if you have particularly sensitive skin. On some skin types, exfoliants can be abrasive, especially if you use them too frequently. 

#2 Oil-based 

We understand your question: How can using an oil-based cleanser help me have clearer skin, especially if my acne is the issue? To put your queries to rest and to make: how to remove makeup a cakewalk, let’s tell you: Oil-based cleansers are the best choice when trying to remove makeup because oil dissolves oil. To avoid the risk of the individual lash pieces falling out, never use an oil-based cleanser on a set of artificial eyelashes. 

#3 Micellar water 

Micellar water is perfect for eliminating any makeup, grime, or oils because it contains few chemicals. When thinking about how to remove makeup, fall back on this cleansing solution that doesn't contain alcohol. Each wash will leave your skin feeling moisturized and ready for the remainder of your PM regimen. 

3 Don'ts of Makeup Removal 

Shedding light on what not to do when removing makeup!  


What to NOT Do #1: Say no to cotton balls

Dos and donts of makeup removal

Using cotton balls as part of your makeup removal process is a big no-no. The residue that cotton balls leave behind might clog your pores and cause breakouts. So, when in doubt - we suggest, falling back on Simple Kind to Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes when actioning the how to remove makeup process. Trusted for generations and my personal fav, nothing does the swipe magic like these wipes.  


What to NOT Do #2: Don’t use a washcloth

Dos and donts of makeup removal

When wondering how to remove makeup in the best way possible, you may want to keep your washcloths to the side. Wonder why? Well, because they can be harsh on your skin. That is why when it comes to washing your face, most of the time, your own two hands are your best option. Use your fingertips to gently massage the product into your skin, so you’re totally removing any stuck-on makeup. 

If you’re looking to exfoliate, a washcloth can work if you gently work it across your skin. We wouldn’t recommend doing this more than 2-3 times a week, though, so you’re not rubbing your face bare. 


What to NOT Do 3: Stay away from a generic bar soap

Dos and donts of makeup removal

While it’s the most easy to reach for a bar soap that’s just lying around, know that this bar is not specially formulated for face washing, chances are it will alter your pH-balance, resulting in more bacterial and yeast growth - which is a recipe for a terrible break-out. You’ll also be at risk of drying out your skin. 

FAQs about The Dos and Don'ts of Makeup Removal   

Q1 What can I use instead of makeup remover on my eyes? 

If you have dry or combination skin, you can use baby oil as it is hypoallergenic, which means it's safe for most people to use on their skin! Oily skin girls keep away from oily solutions as it can only make the grease worse.  

Q2 Can cleansing milk remove mascara well? 

Yes, cleansing milk will remove the most stubborn mascaras and foundations or other makeup products. It will then be necessary to perfect your make-up removal with the micellar water which will definitely eliminate the remains of make-up and will cleanse the skin. 

Q3 Does face wash remove makeup well? 

While your daily cleaner can remove makeup well, we suggest also using micellar water as face wash may at times miss the finer spaces