Bb Trend Alert — Textured Brows

Written by Vaishnavi ThakurOct 25, 2018
BB trend alert — Textured brows
Amidst all the bizarre brow trends that keep making appearances on Instagram from time to time, a trend has emerged that we want to thank the makeup Gods for blessing up with. Finally, a trend that’s wearable, easy and looks far from fake, textured brows or naturally arched brows are said to be the top brow trend of 2018. Scroll down to find out more about it…


How can you achieve them

In the quest to achieve thick and full insta-worthy brows, we’re all guilty of committing the big faux pas of overfilling them to an extent where they end up looking like lines drawn using a sketch pen. When you opt for textured brows, you basically wait until your brows are fully grown out—yes, no matter how tempted you are, plucking isn’t an option. Fully grown brows make achieving textured brows a lot easier. Celebrities like Kaia Gerber and Hailey Baldwin make a strong case for textured, fanned out brows!

How can you achieve them

Textured brows are all about embracing your natural brow shape and building up lots and lots of dimension. This is why, achieving textured brows is easy for almost all brow shapes—just make sure you’ve grown them out to their maximum capacity!


How can you achieve them

How can you achieve them

A general rule of thumb when you’re trying to achieve any kinda brow look is to comb the hair upwards using a spoolie—except this time, make sure you follow it up with brow gel to set the hair in place. Once you’re done, you will notice a soft, natural arch formed on the brow. Now, you only have to wait for the gel to dry.

Skip your brow pomade or brown eyeshadow and opt for a fine-tipped eyebrow pencil instead, that makes creating hair-like strokes a cakewalk. We recommend using Lakmé Absolute Precision Eye Artist Eyebrow Pencil for this! Stay within the shape of your brow and make sure you do it with a very light hand. Using too much product in the beginning of the brow can make it look fake and boxy, as the hair there is scanty.

Once you’ve filled your brows, brush them again using a spoolie. Make sure there aren’t any harsh lines or too much colour buildup—you wanna stay as natural and soft as you can!

Image credits: thecosmeticcrew, pinterest, xojane

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