Even though shaving is a pre-event essential, we often do not bother to shave until the very last minute. To ensure maximum smoothness and minimal discomfort in this hour of haste, the following are some of the shaving mistakes you need to avoid, especially if you’ve been making them regularly. This shaving guide will certainly help you evade all of those 'oops' moments.

1) Shaving in the morning

Shaving in the morning

While you are sleeping, your legs slightly puff up, resulting in the hiding of a portion of your hair. Shaving during a morning shower might save you some time but it doesn't necessarily give you the fancied finish you wish for. Shaving in the evening or later will help you get a much closer and neater finish.


2) Shaving during a hot bath

Shaving during a hot bath

Warm water makes your legs temporarily swell, so the course of a hot bath too is not the appropriate time to get a clean shave, although you can reverse the process by shaving first and having a nice, hot bath later.


3) Shaving using a blunt blade

Shaving using a blunt blade

Women often use the same razors for multiple shaves, not really knowing of the right time to abandon them. Getting a clean shave using a new blade is absolutely essential. To get the best shave, keep changing the razor blades regularly, for every alternate shave if not for every new one. This will also help in preventing those painful post-shave red bumps from occurring.


4) Shaving without a shaving cream

Shaving without a shaving cream

Many of us tend to use soaps as replacement for shaving creams. But there is a reason why soap is used to cleanse and shaving cream, to shave. Shaving cream reduces or even prevents entirely, the irritation caused due to the metallic blade of the razor and also helps to scrape out that extra half millimetre of hair.


5) Shaving too often

Shaving too often

You might be fond of staying silky smooth but heading to the parlour regularly can be bad for your skin as well. There should be a gap of a few weeks between every shaving session, allowing your hair to grow a bit. This makes shaving easier and keeps your follicles happy.


6) Shaving with improper techniques

Shaving with improper techniques

The one key element to remember while shaving is the direction you move the razor in. Always move the razor in the same direction as the growth of your hair.



7) Shaving at the wrong time of the month

Shaving at the wrong time of the month

Every woman feels certain discomfort right before, during and after their periods; blame the hormonal shifts and the extra blood flow. Since shaving during this period can cause more irritation than usual, it is best to wax mid-cycle, especially around the time you're ovulating.

8) Sharing your razor

Sharing your razors is absolutely unhygienic and unacceptable, especially when the blades have already caused cut. Also, not all razors suit your body type and skin, so select with care and keep your razors to yourself.

9) Forgetting to exfoliate

Regular exfoliation encourages the hair to grow back smoothly, minimizing the chances of getting in-grown hair. Exfoliate in-between shaves, once or twice a week in order to avoid the occurrence of stubbles.


10) Shaving without rinsing the blades between strokes

Shaving without rinsing the blades between strokes

After every stroke, you should rinse the razor with warm water. This way, the blade doesn’t get clogged and also reduces the pressure needed to be applied, preventing cuts.