From dominating the hearts of millions with her decade-long career on the small screen to making a mark in movies and web shows, Hina Khan never fails to impress us. And it’s not just her superior talent we’re obsessed with; her flawless skin deserves a special mention too. The actress doesn’t shy away from posting bare-faced selfies, and tbh, with skin like that, who would?

So, on Hina Khan’s 34th birthday, we decided to share some of her top beauty secrets with you. Excited? Read on…


01. Trust home remedies

Trust home remedies

Image Courtesy: @realhinakhan

Hina turns to home remedies instead of chemical-enriched skincare treatments and products to keep her skin looking flawless. For instance, Hina uses a mix of powdered orange peels and milk to exfoliate her skin. Rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, the orange in this mix removes dead skin cells and dirt from your skin and tightens the pores and brightens your complexion.


02. DIY face masks for the win

DIY face masks for the win

Image Courtesy: @realhinakhan

Again, instead of going for store-bought masks, Hina prepares her own face masks at home with natural ingredients to make sure her skin remains soft, supple and lustrous. Her favourite is the tomato face pack that she prepares with fresh tomatoes, turmeric and sandalwood powder. While the tomato works to remove dead skin cells and reduce excess oil production, the turmeric and sandalwood in this pack help to soothe your skin and add that natural glow to it.


03. Stay hydrated, always

Stay hydrated, always

Image Courtesy: @realhinakhan

It’s no news that drinking 8-10 glasses of water flushes out toxins and keep your skin nourished from within. And Hina knows this too Hina drinks about 12 glasses of water every day and believes that staying hydrated is the first step towards healthy and happy skin. She also drinks coconut water to keep herself hydrated and boost her skin’s glow.


04. Mask and oil your hair regularly

Mask and oil your hair regularly

Image Courtesy: @realhinakhan

Coming to her lustrous locks, Hina is all about oiling and masking them! As her weekly ritual, she massages her hair with olive oil and follows it up by washing it with lemon-infused water. This helps nourish her hair and also keep it shiny. Furthermore, she uses homemade hair masks with curd and egg whites to hydrate and condition her hair and keep them flowy and beautiful.


05. Rosewater, FTW

Rosewater, FTW

Image Courtesy: @realhinakhan

Simple yet effective, Hina trusts the good ol’ rose water every day to soothe her skin and reduce puffiness. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, rose water is a quick and great way to reduce redness on your skin and soothe inflamed skin. It also has antioxidants to help improve your complexion and tackle issues like acne.

Main Image Courtesy: @realhinakhan