Bipasha Basu Birthday Special: 5 Dusky Skin Makeup Lessons We’ve Learnt From The Stunner

Written by Sumona BoseSep 16, 2023
 Bipasha Basu birthday special: 5 dusky skin makeup lessons we’ve learnt from the stunner

Actress and fitness icon Bipasha Basu turns 42 today (what!!). All of the 90s babies reading this will remember the stunner as one of the few dusky beauties to command leading roles in films, and we thank her for that. The actress, who is busy dabbling in OTT entertainment these days, continues to maintain her quotient. And while we might be a little out of shape to follow her workout tutorials, we can definitely learn from her makeup looks. Bipasha has a unique approach when it comes to creating makeup looks for dusky skin and here are some of the lessons we have learnt from her...


01. Soften the deep tones

bipasha basu

Image courtesy: @otb_makeup

It is a ridiculous notion that duskier skin tones should not experiment with deeper pigments, you just have to find the right balance. For instance, while a matte, smokey eye may wash you out, adding a bit of shimmer can make it pop just right. Also, metallic charcoal and greys will complement deeper skin tones, bringing down the drama and keeping it chic.


02. Experiment with unusual colours

bipasha basu

Image courtesy: @sathiya.shetty

Bipasha is quite experimental with her makeup. She is often spotted in turquoise liners and tangerine lippies; and they are so fun! Dusky skin tones have a wonderful advantage of balancing out striking colours, which means you can experiment safely, and they won’t overwhelm your face. We especially love Bipasha’s extensive bindi collection, which she seems to be filled with the quirkiest of colours!


03. A bold red lip never fails

bipasha basu

Bipasha is fond of pairing her many Bengali taant sarees with the boldest red lip! While red lippies won’t fail any skin tone, dusky skin tones can go for richer, creamier pigments to be worn with a nude face. But take note: the perfect red lippie for you depends on your skin’s undertone, and since dusky skin types can have both warm and cool undertones, a trial run for red lips is crucial.


04. Let your skin show

bipasha basu

Image courtesy: @bipashabasu

The biggest dusky makeup sin you can commit is to slap on layers of foundation that, in the end, can make you look ashy and grey. For Bipasha, keeping her skin healthy is priority, just so she can let her complexion show through her makeup. The actress keeps it so sheer and light that even her mole is always displayed in all of its glory!


05. Highlight your best features

bipasha basu

Image courtesy: @saniya_shadadpuri

Play up your complexion's natural luminosity with a high-glam, high-shimmer makeup look! Bipasha’s makeup looks are always minimal but slightly elevated by highlighting her natural features, instead of changing them. This highlighter-heavy makeup look relies on her natural complexion to bring in the drama and looks so stunning!

Main image courtesy: @sathiya.shetty

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