We're not exaggerating when we say that 2021 is the year of fun nail trends. We've had plaid nails, we've had candy nails, we've even had our fair share of psychedelic nails! Our Pinterest mood board is full of nail art trends, and we're pretty sure you're the same way. But if you've been there, done that, and need some new nailspiration to perk up your gloomy days, let us introduce you to the newest nail art trend on the block — double cuticles and tips.

A nail art design that focuses on the same pattern being painted at the tip of your nails and the cuticle of your nails, double cuticle and tips manage to make your talons look on fleek while being minimal and easy. And we're here to make the process of acing this nail art trend even easier for you. Read on as we decode the double cuticle and tips nail art trend, and learn how to make it your own along the way.


1. Pastel perfection

Pastel perfection

Image courtesy: @the_manicure_company

Dip your toes (and fingernails!) into the double cuticle and tips nail art trend with a little bit of pastel. Use different colours for each nail, and do a little tonal play between the colour on the cuticle and the colour on the tips for a fun little contrast.


2. All the swirls

All the swirls

Image courtesy: @jordanmarynails

Now, this is what we call mixing two trends! Create a psychedelic pattern on your nails, and make sure you're only highlighting the tips and the cuticles in your nails. Keep the shades muted and monochrome, and most importantly, don't forget to play around with the colours.


3. Patterned play

Patterned play

Image courtesy: @jazzynailsx

Subtle double cuticles and tips can still have a huge impact. Keep the tips a solid shade, and instead, play around with the patterns on the cuticles — you can choose between some good ol' polka dots, stripes, plaid patterns, or literally anything that catches your fancy!


4. Glitter galore

Glitter galore

Image courtesy: @chelseaqueen

So, this one is technically a reverse cuticle with a similar tip — but hey, we'll take it! You know we're not going to say no when there's glitter involved. Use a single sparkly shade to outline the tips of your nails, and mimic the same pattern on your cuticles for a unique manicure that's minimal yet glitzy.


5. Cute with crystal

Cute with crystal

Image courtesy: @nailsbymh

The best part about nail art is that it's always open to interpretation — and that means if you want to make the double cuticle and tips nail art trend your own, you can use different accessories to make it happen. We especially love the little crystal cuticle that's the same shade as the colour on the tip. It really puts the 'cute' in cuticle!