Eye makeup trends are all around us. From graphic liners to pastel eyeshadow, we've left no stone unturned when it comes to finding the perfect eye makeup trend. And the latest one to join our roster of trends to try? The electric eye makeup trend. Bold, bright, and absolutely electrifying, the stunning, slightly Euphoria-esque trend isn't just for music festivals.

If you've got a Saturday night rager in the works, or even if you need some inspo to amp up your IG feed, this one's a trend to try. And as we prepare for the gloomy days of winter ahead, the electric eye makeup trend is the perfect match to cut through the monotony. Ahead, we're listing down our favourite renditions of the electric eye makeup trend, so make sure to take cues for next time!


1. Feelin' blue

01. Feelin' blue

Image courtesy: @charlidamelio

What better way to embrace the electric eye makeup trend than to go full-throttle? Let Charli D'Amelio be your inspiration for this one. With an intensely glittery blue shade that matches your (hopefully) blue outfit, go all over your eyelid with it, and don't be shy when it comes to layering on the sparkles.


2. Mix-n-match

02. Mix-n-match

Image courtesy: @kritisanon

Kriti Sanon's been wow-ing us with her makeup skills lately, and we're absolutely in love with this electric, eclectic mix of hot pink and peacock blue kohl and shadow. Take cues from the actor and pair two contrasting shades — one on your lower lash line and one on your upper — for an experimental, playful eye makeup look.


3. Subtle but striking

03. Subtle but striking

Image courtesy: @gigihadid

Okay, so maybe you're not ready to go all the way with the electric eye makeup trend just yet. But don't let that stop you from dipping your toes in the trend anyway! Take notes from Gigi Hadid's lewk, and colour in your inner corners with a bright, bold shade for a look that's subtle yet striking. And remember — more shimmer is always better.


4. Colour crazy

04. Colour crazy

Image courtesy: @dualipa

The only way to actually pull off this bright and bold eye makeup trend, TBH? Treat your lids like a canvas! Whether you opt for complementary shades like Dua Lipa walking for Versace, or clashing colours, it doesn't matter — when it comes to electric eye makeup, the sky's the limit when it comes to being experimental, and we're here for it.


5. Monochrome contrast

05. Monochrome contrast

Image courtesy: @taylorhill

Maybe there's a shade you're particularly inclined towards. Maybe you just feel comfortable wearing it, or maybe it goes with your 'fit. Whatever the reason, going for a monochrome look with a little bit of black eyeliner contrast is completely okay when it comes to pulling off the electric eye makeup trend, and Taylor Hill's look is proof. Simply go in with a matte shade of the colour you've picked and swipe it over your lid. Then, take a lighter shade of the same colour and make sure it's shimmery — and run wild with it!