Pinterest has put together a carousel of designs that are set to take over our nails in 2022, and we’re so in! If you frequent the salon for regular manicures, you’re going to want to bookmark these landscape-inspired designs for your manicurist to replicate - dreamy seascape, deserts, and galactic-themed designs are going to take centre-stage in the coming year, and they’re enigmatic. Here are the dreamiest nail art trends that will dominate 2022.


1. Glittery galaxy

Glittery galaxy

Image Courtesy: @wailysnails

These psychedelic nails are gorgeous. Fashioned with accents of pink, blue, and white, this design, created on the deepest shade of black, captures the essence of the galaxy by featuring the tiniest stars, planets, and crescent moons —  and we’re living for it.


2. Starry waves

Starry waves

Image Courtesy: @polishing_is_passion

Perfected against a shade of nude, this look reminds us of Van Gogh’s Starry Night, with a twist. If the sky had crashed into the ocean, this is exactly how it would look.


3. Summer swirls

Summer swirls

Image Courtesy: @noi.nails

We’re loving the swirls of gold melting into the hues of blue. Almost like we’re carrying with us a whisper of summers in the midst of the winter season. And who doesn’t love a contrast?


4. Dramatic hues

Dramatic hues

Image Courtesy: @heynicenails

If you’re not a fan of extensions, we’ve found you a match. There’s so much going on with this look. It plays into our passion for black while dramatizing the nails with vivacious hues of yellow, blue, and white.


5. Desert dream

Desert dream

Image Courtesy: @amanda

Our favourite colours captured in one look. Luscious green, glittering gold, and burnt orange are accessorised with scenes right out of a desert.