Makeup has transformed into a legit art form in the past couple of years with influences of classic and modern art seen in new trends and looks. From graphic liners to watercolour eyeshadows, recreating artsy makeup looks is the favourite pastime of millennial and Gen-Z makeup enthusiasts. The latest art inspiration painted around eyes and bridges of noses is 8-bit makeup — yes, the early 90s zoomed-in computer graphics that we have come to associate with games like Minecraft and memes like Nyan Cat these days. MUAs on Instagrams are painstakingly recreating these squiggly lines, and they look so realistic, it’s like looking at a screen!

8 bit makeup

Image courtesy: @sourandnasty

The 8-bit makeup trend is undoubtedly not an easy feat to achieve. We think trial and error are a big part of nailing the aesthetic. Start with drawing out the outline of the shapes you want to create using coloured pencil liners like the Lakmé Absolute Kohl Ultimate The Gelato Collection. Once you are satisfied with the outlines, go over them with the same pencils to intensify the pigment and make them pop. Once you have deepened the block-line outline, use the coloured pencils to lightly shade the insides, creating gradient colour-fill in the whole shape. Fill the insides in block-like fashion and work in rows to maintain uniformity in the 8-bit blocks you wish to create.

8 bit makeup

Image courtesy: @jennseren There are various kinds of shapes you can create when it comes to 8-bit makeup. While hearts, stars, rainbow streaks and fruity shapes are quite popular, you can pretty much turn any shape into a low-res 8-bit makeup moment. Make sure to always start out with coloured pencil liners as they are easier to use and mistake correction is just a Q-tip dipped in makeup remover away. Depending on the colour you are using, you will have to prep the base with a primer and shadow to make the colours pop on your complexion. A simple trick is to keep your skin’s undertone in mind while picking the colours and you will never go wrong!

Main image courtesy: @gabriella.craan