Effective Ways To Use Folic Acid For Hair

Written by Kadambari SrivastavaNov 30, 2023
 Effective ways to Use Folic Acid for Hair

Looking for hair growth and consuming everything on the guide that the past, present and the future has to offer? STOP. We mean it. You do not need to stress yourself too much with multiple things while there is just one thing that can do the deed for you. Have you heard about folic acid for hair? And nope, it is not a coincidence that it rhymes with follicles. It is a boon for your hair that you need to know about so that you can include it in your daily hair care regimen and flaunt your tresses like never before.

Hair fall is one of the major concerns during pregnancies and mostly, estrogen is the culprit. However, folic acid is something the experts have started considering, and studying whether it also has a part to play in the loss of hair. And if it does have something to contribute or take away, how can we pitch it to ensure that the hair loss does not take place? Folic acid, to put it in simple terms, is a form of vitamin B-9 and we all know how essential it is for skin, hair and health in general.

So, how does folic acid for hair work? Can we get it through supplements or through diet? And most importantly, what are the benefits? Let’s find out all about this newfound hair miracle, here.


What is Folic Acid?

How to Consume Folic Acid for Hair?

Let’s address the most basic question first, what exactly is folic acid and what does it do for hair? As we have already mentioned, it is a form of vitamin B-9. It means folic acid is a synthetic version of B-vitamin folate. Usually, the best sources of folic acid are multivitamins and sulfates. If you do not wish to go for external supplements, you can increase your intake of dark leafy vegetables and legumes, as both are a rich source of folic acid. It contributes significantly in hair growth and is also beneficial in helping with the faster and stronger growth of nails.

Usually, it is suggested that anyone who has lower levels of vitamin B can take additional intake of folic acid as supplements or through their diet. The recommended dose is 400mg a day. However, a consultation with a doctor is required before altering any diet plan. You need to know whether or not you have a sufficient quantity of folic acid in your body, because if you do, there is no need for additional intake which may otherwise have some serious side effects like fatigue, nausea and even rashes and reactions. Surely, you do not want that!


What are the benefits of folic acid for hair?

How to Consume Folic Acid for Hair?

Folic acid is responsible for the creation of red blood cells in the body. Naturally, it is responsible for a lot of good things, including hair. Folic acid for hair is recommended and if we go by the words of the experts, a daily dosage of around 400mg, as mentioned above, is good for your tresses. It does your hair a whole lot of good, as you will come to know. Let’s take a closer look at all that folic acid has to offer, when it comes to your hair.

How to Consume Folic Acid for Hair?

Folic acid, when taken with iron, is one of the best things you can do for your hair. The vitamin present in folic acid helps boost hair growth while the iron helps make the roots stronger. Folic acid also helps in the process of keratinization of hair growth. Keratinisation refers to the process of formation of keratin. In layman's terms, it is the process of hair formation. Folic acid, thus, not only assists the process of forming hair, but also helps strengthen it over time, and with iron, also helps in making sure that the roots are strong.

How to Consume Folic Acid for Hair?

Folic Acid makes sure red blood cells in the body are healthy and at their normal count. Overproduction of red blood cells in the body leads to greying. This happens because of changes in pigmentation which is often a direct result of the overproduction of red blood cells in the body. Folic acid is your friend here. It will maintain the right levels of RBCs, thus preventing unnecessary grey hair on your head.

How to Consume Folic Acid for Hair?

Another way in which folic acid is absolutely a boon for the hair is that it makes it thicker and not just stronger. No one likes limp and thin hair. We all dream of a thick and healthy mane. And folic acid is one step towards that. Experts suggest that thinning hair can often be directly connected with the deficiency of folic acid in the body. This is because folic acid enables healthy cell generation and production which further contributes towards healthy hair growth, especially in the areas that are experiencing thinning. Regulate the levels of folic acid in your lifestyle and watch the miracle unfold.

How to Consume Folic Acid for Hair?

It is not just fresh hair growth that makes your mane better. You also have to make sure that the existing one is healthy and growing. Premature and excessive hair loss leads to hair thinning and makes your hair look limp overall, which is definitely not the look you are aiming for, folic acid or not. Folic acid, again, can come to your rescue here. Did you know that when your body has a folic acid deficiency, it sends signals and thus the folic acid is sent to those vital parts first that are experiencing the deficit? Thus, if your hair is facing a deficiency of the nutrient, the folic acid you consume will go there first. It will then prevent hair loss and you will experience considerably lesser hair fall.

How to Consume Folic Acid for Hair?

Who does not like a pretty and shiny mane? Thick and strong hair, along with a gorgeous shine is perhaps a mandate that no one wants to compromise on. And well, you should not. Healthy hair automatically gets a beautiful shine that speaks for itself. Folic acid, again, is the one hero nutrient here, responsible for that added shine to your mane. Folic acid is responsible for a healthy and balanced distribution of nutrition all across the body, including your hair. This makes sure that there is never a deficit of nourishment, leading to a healthy and consistent shine.


How to Consume Folic Acid for Hair?

How to Consume Folic Acid for Hair?

Now, this is one important question. There are various ways in which you can include folic acid in your lifestyle. However, do not jump on the wagon after reading a couple of articles. You did your research, yes. But never make drastic lifestyle changes without consulting a doctor. You never know, but you may not need supplements because your body may be producing enough folic acid on its own. Nevertheless, if you do get a nod and go ahead, here are a few ways in which you can consume folic acid for hair.

  • Folic acids are available in the form of water-soluble vitamins. Consume your daily dose as supplements Ensure that your stress levels are low.
  • Take therapy, meditate, exercise and ensure that you are in optimum health, not just on the outside, but on the inside as well
  • Increase your intake of leafy green vegetables

That’s about it. These are a few bare minimum things that you need to do if you want to include folic acid in your lifestyle, enough to make a difference to your hair!

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