Even if your life isn’t quite perfect, a beautiful hairstyle is a proof that your hair can be. Hairstyles are the finishing touches that pull together your entire look and make you look nothing less than a diva. Be it any occasion, dressing up your hair in a chic style can take your beauty game a few notches higher. But if you’re a hairstyle newbie, and stuck in that not-short-but-not-long-either stage, mastering hairstyles may seem like quite a task for you. But what if we tell you that there are a zillion hairstyles for medium hair out there that are super easy to achieve? From a half-up top-knot to messy braids, there is no hairstyle that girls with medium hair can’t flaunt.

Mastering a few basic hairstyles and owning a few statement hair accessories is all it takes to flaunt amazing looking hair each day. Hairstyles have the power to instantly uplift an outfit and make you look drop dead gorgeous. From date night to a family gathering, these hairstyles for medium hair are perfect to make you look absolutely stunning.

Hav* said that, we are completely aware that it is next to impossible to spend more than just a few minutes doing your hair. But if you’re a girl-on-the-go, then it would be a great idea to learn a few quick and easy hairstyles. Whether you are heading to the gym or work, don’t let rushed mornings come in the way of your hair game. This step by step by the guide is your handbook for some chic and easy hairstyles for medium hair.

Read on to find out some easy peasy hairstyles for medium hair that don’t take more than a few minutes to create and look oh-so-stylish...


Volumised low pony

Volumised low pony

Don’t let anyone tell you that ponytails are for the gym. These hairstyles can look effortlessly stylish and chic. They can also be styled to look appropriate for any occasion, from a casual lunch to a boardroom meeting. A low ponytail is perfect to be worn for the summers and is literally the easiest and most time-saving hairstyle for medium hair.

Step 1:  Start with blow drying your hair to create some volume and create a centre parting.

Step 2: Neatly comb your hair with a fine tooth comb and make a low ponytail for yourself.

Step 3: Secure it with a hair tie of your choice.

Step 4: Take a few hair strands from the bottom part of your ponytail and wrap it around the ponytail.

Step 4: Finish the look with some finish hairspray.


Half-up half-down do

Half-up half-down do

A half-up half-down hairstyle for medium hair looks quite stunning and is literally the easiest hairstyle to replicate when you’re low on time. Give your hairstyle a modern twist by adding a statement hair accessory. This is an amazing way to give this traditional hairstyle an amazing upgrade.

Step 1: Start by using the Toni&Guy Casual : Sea Salt Texturising Spray to give your hair a little bit of extra texture and slight hold.

Step 2: Running your thumbs along the hairline above your ears, divide your upper section of hair into two equal sections.

Step 3: Hold the two sections and tie them into a knot.

Step 4: Finish this hairstyle with a cute statement accessory and you’re good to go.


Beachy Waves

Beachy Waves

Who said beachy waves are just reserved for the beach? This super simple hairstyle for medium hair looks just as amazing even when you wear it to work. Tousled waves can make your hair look fuller by adding some dimension and volume to it. If you have straight hair that tends to fall flat, then beachy waves will prove to be a great hairstyle for you.

Step 1: On partially dry hair spray some texturising spray and run your hands through the strands to distribute the product evenly.

Step 2: Now divide your hair into 4 roughly equal sections and hold them in place with the help of clips.

Step 3: Remove one section and wrap it around a curling iron.

Step 4: Repeat the process for every section and run your fingers through the hair to diffuse the curls. Finish it off by spraying some finishing spray to hold the curls in place all day long.


Chic chignon

Chic chignon

We don’t think there can be anything more classic (not to mention chic-er) than a low chignon. Also known as the red carpet bun, this hairstyle looks really pretty for work as well as for date nights. Simply leave a few strands from the front and let them flutter in the breeze, giving it an undone and romantic feel.

Step 1: Leave two sections from the side and tie the rest of the hair into a low ponytail. Chignon means nape of the neck that’s why this bun is placed down low.

Step 2: Make a hollow space above the hair tie and flip the ponytail.

Step 3: Take the two left out strands and tie them into a ponytail. Tuck it into the space of the previous ponytail.

Step 4: Take the ponytail hair and keep tucking it under the space until all the hair is tucked in.

Step 5: Secure the end with a bobby pin. Pull some strands from the crown for a messy look.


Messy side braid

Messy side braid

The messy side braid is super cute and is a perfect summer hairstyle for medium hair. The best part about a messy side braid is that it helps create a lot of texture and looks super chic. Sure, braids can be a little difficult to achieve, but a little practice is all takes to master this amazingly chic hairstyle.

Step 1: Start by creating a deep side parting and separate your hair into two sections.

Step 2: Further, separate each section in two again, leaving you with four sections of hair.

Step 3: Starting with the section on the far left, cross underneath the next section, then over the third section, then under the fourth section, as if you were basket weaving your hair. Continue this with each “new” far left section until your hair is completely braided all the way down.

Step 4: Secure the end of the braid with a clear elastic.

Step 5: Gently tug sections of the braid apart to loosen things up a bit for an amazing messy look.


Wrapped hairdo

Wrapped hairdo

The wrapped hairdo is a super casual yet elegant hairstyle for medium hair. This is one hairstyle that looks equally good with both western as well as Indian outfits and is a great way to break the monotony of everyday hairstyle. This is the kind of hairstyle to sport when you’re tired or short of time or simply in doubt as to what to go with. Easy to create, all you need are a few bobby pins and a few minutes to get this hairstyle in place.

Step 1: Backcomb your hair to create volume.

Step 2:  Starting from the front, pull a section of your hair and tie it into a ponytail at the crown.

Step 3: Next, take a small section from the side and pin it in the middle back, wrapping it over the hair tie.

Step 4: Now, take a section from the opposite side and overlap the previous pinned section.

Step 5: Take another section and pin it on the opposite side overlapping the previous one. Repeat 3-4 more times according to the volume and length of your hair.

Step 6: Spray some hairspray to keep the pinned hair in place. Brush hair.

Image courtesy: Pinterest