If you are in search of a new haircut that is chic, trendy and can transform your look, you should consider getting a blunt haircut! It's a celebrity favourite, and in the past few years we have seen so many celebrities walk down the red carpet with this super stylish, edgy and bold haircut. The best part is, this haircut suits all face shapes and hair lengths. That’s right! If you thought you’ll have to chop your hair short to sport this haircut, think again!

Simply put, a blunt haircut is one that does not have any layers, is sleek and looks best on straight and fine hair. However, over time, the blunt haircut has transformed a lot. Now women with wavy, curly, thick and textured hair are also getting this haircut just as easily as someone with straight and fine hair. Usually seen on girls with short hair, nowadays girls with mid-to-long lengths are also opting for this trendy haircut. If you are looking for the perfect transition this season, a blunt haircut is a great option. In fact, there are a few advantages to getting this haircut. Scroll down to see them along with some of the most trendy blunt haircut ideas.


Advantage of blunt haircuts

Advantage of blunt haircuts

If these pointers are not enough for you to book an appointment for a blunt haircut, we are sure the looks below will convince you to. Scroll down to have a look.


1. Blunt lob

Blunt lob

Image courtesy: @lena_piccininni

A blunt lob is one of the most sought after haircuts, as the sharp and edgy style of this haircut makes it perfect for any hair type. In fact, this blunt haircut looks most flattering on girls with fine hair as it adds definition and requires little to no styling. To make it look thicker and voluminous, add some mousse or texturising spray to your hairdo. You can even add colour to your hair to make it look more appealing. Opt for one single overall colour or try two shades as shown in the picture.


2. Shoulder length blunt cut

Shoulder length blunt cut

Image courtesy: @rock.paper.scissors.hair.chino

Love the feeling of your hair grazing your shoulders? We like it too! If you don’t want to go too short, this shoulder length blunt haircut is perfect for you. Trendy and low maintenance, this haircut flatters all face shapes and hair types. You can dress it up or down depending on the occasion and look. If you want to soften the blunt look, simply style the ends inwards.


3. Beach waves blunt cut

Beach waves blunt cut

Image courtesy: @iosonomeivisvastarelli

Wavy hair looks effortlessly cute and trendy. If you have natural waves, you should definitely consider getting a blunt haircut. The tousled waves can also be created on straight hair. Simply pick small sections of hair, roll them around your curling wand, spritz some texturising spray and give it a lift with your fingers to mimic this stunning look. If you’ve been planning to colour your hair, deep brown or toffee brown will look perfect!


4. Textured blunt cut

Textured blunt cut

Image courtesy: @542salon

Slightly textured hair has its own charm, especially if your hair shines a bit. Whether you have naturally textured hair or have to create it using styling tools, a blunt haircut is gonna transform your look and how! Use a little bit of serum after styling to give it that healthy and shiny look.


5. Short messy blunt cut

Short messy blunt cut

Image courtesy: @marinapett.hair

If messy, short hair is your jam, we’ve found the perfect blunt haircut for you. Messy on the crown and blunt at the ends, this haircut is edgy, bold and definitely not something you see everyday. So, if you are someone who loves experimenting with bold haircuts, this is something you ought to try. Styling it will be simple and low maintenance, simply apply styling mousse and run your fingers through it to create that effortless and messy look.


6. Long blunt cut with bangs

Long blunt cut with bangs

Image courtesy: @blunt_bangs

What makes a blunt cut more sleek and stylish? Pairing it with blunt bangs! Bangs are so in trend right now and work for every hair type. They frame your face and give the impression of fuller and voluminous hair, something girls with thin hair can benefit from. However, these eye-grazing blunt bangs are high maintenance, and you will need to visit the salon more often to maintain the style.


7. Short, blunt and coloured

Short, blunt and coloured

Image courtesy: @hairbyhaley__raftery

Take your short, blunt haircut a notch higher by adding a pop of colour to the ends. Pick a pastel pink or a bright blue, there’s no dearth of options! Experiment with the length, texture and colour to create something unique, fun and peppy. To style your coloured blunt bob, avoid washing your hair too often as this will fade the hair colour faster. Instead, spray some dry shampoo to refresh your hair as well as add volume and texture.


8. Angled blunt bob

Angled blunt bob

Image courtesy: @nomoreboringhair

Asymmetrical, angled bobs look oh-so-perfect, don’t you agree? This polished blunt haircut is perfect for professionals who have no time to style their hair each morning. If you have straight and sleek hair, this haircut won’t demand a lot of your time. Just apply some hair serum to add shine and make your tresses look healthier. You can also pair it with blunt bangs or face-framing bangs to make your hair look fuller and thicker.


9. Medium length blunt cut

Medium length blunt cut

Image courtesy: @jenn._gonzalez

If you have medium length hair and wish to maintain the length, you don’t have to chop it short. Ask your stylist for a medium length blunt cut or bookmark this picture to recreate the same look on yourself. Medium length blunt cuts can be styled in so many different ways, you can wear it straight and sleek, add a little texture or even go for curls. The options are endless!


10. Blunt bob with highlights

Blunt bob with highlights

Face framing highlights are one of the hottest hair trends right now, if you are going for a major hair transformation, adding some highlights to your look will only take it a notch higher. Choose a shade close to your natural hair colour or something totally wacky like bright orange or fluorescent pink. However, bright colours look good on lobs and bobs, and we wouldn’t recommend it on medium or long hair as it will require a lot of maintenance and frequent touch-ups.

We can’t wait to visit the salon and chop our hair to perfection this season! Have you booked an appointment yet?


FAQs about blunt haircut

FAQs about blunt haircut

1) Is a blunt haircut good for thin hair?

A. Yes, a blunt haircut looks stunning on any hair type. If you have thin hair, you should definitely consider getting a blunt cut as it will add volume to your tresses and make it look fuller and thicker.

2) How to maintain a blunt haircut?

A. Blunt haircuts are pretty low maintenance, growing them out is pretty decent too. However, if your hair growth is fast and you need to maintain a certain length, you need to visit the salon every four to six weeks. Other than that, you can consult your stylist for styling options.

3) How to style a blunt cut?

A. Believe it or not, there are many ways to style a blunt cut, you can keep it sleek and smooth or add texture and waves if you wish to add some effortless curls to switch things up once in a while.