Eye makeup enhances the most beautiful feature of our face, the eyes. Whether it is monolid eye makeup or different liner techniques for hooded eyes, we can make our own personalities stand out. Eyelids are an important part as that is the canvas where we can play with eyeshadow colours.


Makeup for monolid eyes: a full guide - the basics

Makeup for monolid eyes: a full guide - the basics

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Monolid eye makeup is a tricky terrain to walk upon. And yet, monolid eyes are not uncommon. In fact, along with North-East Indians, it is the most common feature of most East Asian people. And East Asians whether it is K-pop idols or Douyin Chinese influencers, they do not compromise when it comes to eye makeup. In fact, they come up with some of the coolest makeup trends. While the practice of using plastic tape as a means to create an artificial crease is popular, there are various eye makeup looks for monolid eyes too.  

Apart from the usual smokey eyes or winged liners, you can try trends like a pop of colour. Just add a single shade of colour to your eyes to make them pop. Play around with bright neons or deep reds and pack it on the lower lid instead of the upper lid to make your eyes look bigger. Or do you want to highlight your lids? Easy! Get the gloss on. Glossy eye makeup emphasises the eyelids and looks oh-so-pretty. Well, let’s take a look at such monolid eye makeup tips and tricks that you can try for your next outing.

Tips for makeup for monolid eyes


How to apply eyeshadow on monolid eyes?

How to apply eyeshadow on monolid eyes?

While there are many brands that are now specifically coming up with awesome makeup products for monolid eyes, it also depends on how adept you are at the art of makeup. Highlighting monolid eyes majorly depends on creating an illusion of depth in the absence of a crease. Think of it as an ombré technique.  

A soft smoke around the eyes is also a no-brainer for monolids and you might have given it a try too. But here’s the trick—elongate the eyeshadow on the outer edge of your eye to create a winged shape. This smouldering look will accentuate the shape of your eyes which you can achieve with a colourful palette like the Lakme Absolute Spotlight Eyeshadow - Smokin Glam. With shiny and matte shades, you can play around with the colours for every occasion, whether it is a Christmas party or a day look. 

Create the look 

  • Take a lighter shade like the peach and apply it towards the inner corner of the eye 

  • Next, take a darker shade like the shimmery blue or purple and apply it towards the outer corner of the lid 

  • Now use a clean, soft brush and blend the two. Blend the darker shade outwards to create a smokey wing 

  • Clean any uneven lines to give a sharp wing


How to apply eyeliner on monolid eyes?

How to apply eyeliner on monolid eyes?

Now that you know how to ace the basic monolid eye makeup, it’s time to know how to apply eyeliner the best way. Again, the key is to make the eyes look larger than they are. Winged eyeliners look especially gorgeous on monolid eyes.  

But if you are bored of the usual cat eye trick, there’s a hip version of the liner. Artistic, graphic liner is the new way to line your eyes and is the best bet for monolids. Rock a floating liner to fake a crease or draw a dotted liner on the outer corner to define your eyes.  

Create the look  

  • Prep your eyelids with primer and concealer 

  • Apply the eyeshadow of your choice 

  • Now take your liquid eyeliner like the long-lasting and smudge-proof Lakme Eyeconic Eye Liner which has a flexible brush that makes it easier to apply 

  • Outline your upper lash line 

  • Now place the eyeliner’s end at a point where you’d like the wing to end 

  • Draw a diagonal line in reverse from that point to the middle of the eye or wherever the line ends 

  • Now fill that shape for a thin cat eye wing


How to apply mascara on monolid eyes?

How to apply mascara on monolid eyes?

Mascara is the best way to open up your eyes. Not everyone is blessed with abundant lashes and mascara, so if you choose the right one, it does a fabulous job of adding volume to the eyes. Now let us tell you how you can get your monolid eyes to flutter with these mascara tricks. Just opt for a volumising mascara like the Lakme Eyeconic Volume Mascara. Even if you have thin lashes, it uses calendula and castor oil to moisturise them and give the illusion of full and shiny lashes. 

Create the look  

  • First, get an eyelash curler and use it to create a base for your mascara 

  • The best way to use a curler is by pumping it up a few times 

  • Warm up the curler a little by blow-drying it before usage for best effects 

  • Now take your mascara wand and gently stroke your lashes in an upward curling motion, from the base to the top Let the first coat dry and then repeat the procedure for a second coat 

  • Do the same for your lower lashes, in reverse motion, from upwards to downwards. The key is to separate the lashes and open up your eyes. 

  • Do not overdo or you may end up with panda eyes and clumpy lashes 

How to apply false eyelashes on monolid eyes? 

If you have really sparse lashes then even a good mascara technique won’t help. In that case, false lashes are your best bet. Here’s how you can make the most out of false eyelashes if you have monolid eyes. 

Create the look  

  • Use your eyelash curler to curl your natural lashes 

  • Apply mascara 

  • Now take out the false lashes and trim those to fit your natural lash line 

  • Apply a thin line of lash glue and wait for 10 seconds 

  • Gently apply the lashes onto your lash line, starting from the outer edge 

  • Press gently to ensure it is fixed well


Monolid eyes: Can you create a crease illusion?

Monolid eyes: Can you create a crease illusion?

What is the main thing about monolid eyes? The fact that there is no crease. Most of the makeup tips and tricks work towards creating an illusion of crease so that the eyes appear bigger than they actually are. There are two ways in which that can be done: surgery or tape. 

How to create a monolid eyes illusion using tape? 

Eyelid tape is a popular cosmetic product in the likes where monolid eyes are a common facial feature but can now also be found in India. Eyelid tape is put together using a skin-friendly adhesive that is applied to clean skin and gives a temporary illusion of having a lid. Also, this is a one-time-use product that will have to be applied afresh every time you use makeup. We’d advise you to do a patch test before using this option, because it may cause allergy if you have sensitive skin.


FAQs about makeup for monolid eyes

FAQs about makeup for monolid eyes

How to apply monolid eye makeup? 

If you have ever noticed, monolids make your eyes look flatter. So, a quick hack used by all influencers and makeup artists is moving the brush in a vertical manner. Even when you blend the eyeshadows, stack the shades over each other and then blend in a vertical way. 

Do monolids need eyeliner? 

This is completely up to you. Since most of the time it is not visible when you open your eyes, you can just create a long and dramatic wing or a floating liner that is seen even when your eyes are open. 

Are monolids and hooded eyes the same? 

Actually no. While they may look similar at the first glance, they are different which is why some of the makeup tricks may not work for both. In monolids, you don’t have a crease. Hooded eyes do have a crease but they are covered by the skin around the brow bone. 

If you are blessed with monolids and love makeup, we bet you’re constantly scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram in search of eye makeup looks that will suit you. Well, we hope these tips and tricks help you ace your monolid eye makeup.