Best Hair Styles For Girls This Winter: 7 Of The Best

Written by Lopa KNov 08, 2022
Best Hair Styles for Girls This Winter: 7 of the Best

Whether you have long and luscious hair or short and chic hair, but with winter comes its many woes like frizz and dryness. Well, you can finally look stylish without worrying about it as we take you through some simple hair style for girls that are perfect for this winter


Best hair styles for girls this winter: the basics

FAQs about best hairstyles for girls this winter

How many times do you wish you could sparkle pretty like a princess? Dressing up your tresses can perk up any occasion. But all the cute and simple hair style for girls, no matter how chic, come with a set of challenges that vary as per the hair length and texture. But, fret not for we are here to bail you out.  

Before we get to these easy and stylish looks that will elevate your hair game for the winter, here are some basics to keep in mind. Start with clean and damp hair. Take a few drops of the Tresemme Keratin Smooth Serum and apply it from mid-lengths to the end. Loaded with keratin and camellia oil, it will smoothen all frizz and flyaways and make sure your hair is perfectly nourished and ready for styling. 

7 Best hair styles for winter  


1. Rose bun

FAQs about best hairstyles for girls this winter

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Unique and intricate, a rose bun is one hairstyle that screams chic and feminine. Before styling, add some large, loose curls to amp up your look. Start by parting the top half of your hair and secure it with an elastic. Now, take this section and create one long braid. Next, wrap the braid in a coil and continue wrapping until it turns into a bun. Lastly, secure it with enough bobby pins for your rose bun to stay in place.


2. Space buns

FAQs about best hairstyles for girls this winter

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The easiest and cutest hairstyle that’ll instantly take you back to school are space buns. The best alternative to a regular updo, space buns is a simple hair style for girls that compliments any outfit extremely well. To begin with, start by parting your hair in the middle. Next, make two pigtails on each side and secure them with elastic bands. Twist your first pigtail around the base and secure it with a bobby pin. Repeat the same with your second pigtail. Accentuate your front bangs by straightening them to get a polished effect. And voila! You're ready with a cute hairstyle in less than 10 minutes. 


3. Braided halo

FAQs about best hairstyles for girls this winter

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What better way to add some pizazz to your boring sweater and jeans look than adding a halo headband? No, you do not need to get a headband or even a halo. All you have to do is pick up a section of your hair from one side, preferably a part that you would pick to braid otherwise, and braid it. Then take this braid to the opposite side and fix it with a pin. Now make a similar braid on the other side and bring it over to the other end. Only, pin this set of strands behind the first one. And there you have a headband with a halo, perfect for those cold mornings. 


4. Faux buzzcut

FAQs about best hairstyles for girls this winter

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Not many of us are edgy enough to sport a buzzcut on one side, but we surely do harbour the desire. For those of you belles with beautiful tresses that you are not willing to sacrifice for the sake of cute hairstyles, we have a solution, faux buzzcut. Well, don’t take just our word for it, even Sara Ali Khan sports this fake buzzcut with panache. You just have to create a side parting and then French braid the strands below the parting. Once that is done, secure it with a hair tie. If you want a more feminine look, use a rat-tailed comb and get a few tendrils out.  



5. Half-crown braid

FAQs about best hairstyles for girls this winter

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This elegant hairstyle allows you to wear your hair down and at the same time keep it out of your face, perfect for the festive season. Start by braiding a section of your hair right above your left ear. Bring the braid to the back of your head and secure it with a pin. Repeat the same on your right side and you’ll have a chic hairstyle ready in minutes. Add some pretty floral or pearl hair accessories to spice up your braid


6. Double Dutch braids

FAQs about best hairstyles for girls this winter

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Do you want something sporty while still looking like a diva in your hoodie? Double Dutch braids are one of the best and most fuss-free hairstyles to go about your day. You can wear them all throughout the winter as they protect your hair from frizz and dryness. Just start by sectioning your hair into two equal divisions. Next, take one side and separate your hair into three sections to weave a classic Dutch braid right from the beginning of your hairline. Once done, secure it with an elastic. Repeat the same on the other side and you’ll be ready to flaunt cute Dutch pigtails in no time. 

Pro tip: You can also French braid the two sections if you do not know how to Dutch braid. 


7. Half-up top knot

FAQs about best hairstyles for girls this winter

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Okay, okay after all those Dutch braids and halo hairdos, here is another simple hair style for girls. Top knots are not just easy to style with any outfit, but also look extremely effortless. Give your regular top-knot a twist by going half-up instead of pulling all your hair together to complete the hairstyle. To ace, a half-up top-knot, begin by sectioning 1/3rd of the front of your hair - start from the front and extend to the crown of your head. And secure your mini bun on the top of your head with an elastic.


FAQs about best hairstyles for girls this winter

FAQs about best hairstyles for girls this winter

Q. Do bangs make you look younger? 

A. You’ll be happy to know that bangs or fringes can actually make you look younger. As bangs fall on your forehead, they tend to cover the fine lines and wrinkles and give you a cuter, more youthful look. 

Q. Are bangs better for winter? 

A. Yes. You can opt for curtain bangs, side bangs or the regular fringe if you want to switch up your hair game for the last half of the year. It falls smoothly and doesn’t mess up thanks to the lack of humidity and sweat. 

Q. What hairstyle is best for thin hair? 

A. If you have really thin hair, then it's best to opt for hairstyles and haircuts that will give the illusion of voluminous locks. A pixie cut, wavy lob, angled bob, bumped-up ponytail or wispy front layers will make your hair look bigger and thicker than they actually are. 

Styling your hair in the winter is the easiest of all thanks to the pleasant weather. With so many options available, you can go for any simple hair style for girls mentioned above. And the best part is that you don’t even need any heat-styling tools

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