When it comes to party-perfect ensembles, evening gowns are undoubtedly the fanciest of the lot. They are also a constant on celebrity red carpets which gives them an air of glamour unmatched by other styles of clothing. And unlike a sexy LBD or a sequin skirt, picking an evening gown is not done on a whim. Gowns, the ones that fit you like second skin, are picked according to what suits your body type and your personal sense of style. The same goes for the hairdo that you will be pairing with your stunning pick, the choice of a hairstyle for a gown is not an easy one!

Even though gowns are quite versatile, you need some form of planning to choose the most flattering hairdo. This is because floor-length gowns are an eye-catching fashion statement, and you want to maintain its glam quotient with the right hairdo. Fortunately for all of us, hairstylists and Instagram influencers have always dedicated their feeds to gown-worthy hairstyles. There are so many ways to do your hair while wearing a gown, all so creative and chic. So, whether you are looking for a hairstyle to create on yourself or show to a stylist for inspiration, we have something for everyone here.


1. Chignon bun

Chignon bun

Image courtesy: @viola_pyak

Chignon buns are a very classic hairstyle. Traditionally paired with wedding gowns, these sleek-looking buns are very secure, look squeaky clean, and secured methodically in order to last for long hours in its original form. So, if you are looking for an evening gown hairstyle where you will be moving around (dancing, even) but need to maintain the hairstyle in pristine form, this is the one to pick!


2. Double braided pigtails

Double braided pigtails

Image courtesy: @anisasojka

Remember when we said that your gown hairstyle should in some way reflect your sense of personal style as well? These double braided pigtails are a great example of that. They are unique and quirky - a good look for an equally charming gown. It is also a good style for thick, heavy hair, which, when put up in knots or ponytails can be a little bothersome. We love the way the ends are ever so lightly curled and rounded off to look more put together.


3. Braided bun

Braided bun

Image courtesy: @bbhiral

Much like chignon buns, braided buns are also quite popular with gowns. This particular style has been achieved by Dutch braiding the front portion of the hair and wrapping it around a low bun. A face-framing fringe is left loose to soften the textured look a bit, a great tip to style your own bangs if you have them.


4. Voluminous high pony

Voluminous high pony

Image courtesy: @olhaessatranca

Glossy waves? Check! Heightened crown? Check! Making a hairstyle look so good that you want to jump around with joy? Check! This glamorous hairstyle should be reserved for your best gown and worn on a special occasion. Also, make sure you have a hairstylist do it for you, this one is not everyone’s cup of tea to execute on their own.


5. Lazy girl chic

Lazy girl chic

Image courtesy: @svetlana_koroteeva

The perfect 'lazy girl' hairstyle for a girly gown, this look takes a helping hand from a number of hair accessories to work. At first glance, it looks done and elaborate but trusts us when we say that you can recreate this at home. A minute spent on backcombing the hair on your crown (and setting it with hair spray), followed by a casual low bun and a stylish hair ribbon to bring everything together...this one is a piece of cake!


6. Short hair, don’t care

Short hair, don’t care

Image courtesy: @themakatka

Short-haired girls often get worried about styling their cropped tresses with an elaborate gown. In reality, short hair can actually look really cool with some minimal styling, like this simple blunt bob hairstyle. All you need are some giant golden tic tac clips to create this lovely raised and half-tied hairdo to pair with your ensemble.


7. Artsy waves

Artsy waves

Image courtesy: @brittsully

You can blame JLo for bringing back this vintage hairstyle! The gelled down, wavy sections are not easy to master, so make sure you have a hairstylist to help you out with this one. The dainty scattered shimmer on the front section can be skipped, or replaced with pearly accessories (we think they'll work better!).


8. Messy bubble ponytail

Messy bubble ponytail

Image courtesy: @elpeinadodelanovia

This easy-to-do hairstyle will suit your most romantic gown, with the cute floral accessories, laces and frills adding to the charm. To recreate this hairstyle, all you need to do is add texturising cream to your tresses and work up some chunky volume. Then, secure two thick front sections in a twisted braid, further tying it with the rest of your hair in a bubble ponytail.


9. Voluminous ponytail

Voluminous ponytail

Image courtesy: @tonyastylist

Voluminous ponytails are also extremely popular to pair with evening gowns. They are a good option if you want to wear a ponytail and add some gorgeous length to your natural mane. We love the loose tendrils in the front and the crystal-encrusted hair vine is so opulent!


10. Classic bow bun

Classic bow bun

Image courtesy: @komarova_muah

Big bows are a good hair accessory to invest in, they are adorable and can upgrade even the simplest of hairstyles. This under bow voluminous bun is simple and straightforward, leaving no space for mistakes. We suggest pairing this hairstyle with a gown made of solid colours and a defined shape - a smart hairdo for a smart gown!


11. Tight top-knot

Tight top-knot

Image courtesy: @justinemarjan

Tight top knots are best paired with a silky, sleek gown with trains that go on for miles. This hair inspiration is picked straight from celebrity red carpets, as tiny, knotted sleek buns riding high on your head will have the gown on display in its full glory. Plus, it adds height to your face, a factor that will come in handy when you are styling an off-shoulder gown to show off your neck and shapely shoulders.


FAQs about hairstyle for gowns

FAQs about hairstyle for gowns

Image courtesy: @jennychohair

Q. What is the best way to pick a hairstyle for a gown?

A. The best way to pick the right hairstyle to be paired with your gown is to first do a lot of research. When you have a couple of options, assess whether they suit your hair type, hair length and the texture of your tresses. This is because the hairstyle may look nice on the model, but it may not work for you. You also have to take into consideration the gown itself - an OTT gown will fare better with a sleek bun hairstyle while a more minimal gown can be upgraded with an elaborate hairstyle.

Q. What hair accessories go best with an evening gown?

A. Gowns are very versatile in nature and can go with a variety of hair accessories. From dainty silk scarves to embellished claw clips, the only thing you need to consider while picking a hair accessory is what it will do for your hairstyle. Not whether it will match the gown or not.

Q. Which gown hairstyle is trending right now?

A. Buns! Whether it is a chignon or a braided one, buns will always be in vogue to be paired with evening gowns. They are also a good way to shift focus to your outfit while adding classic glamour to the whole ensemble.

Main image courtesy: @anisasojka, @viola_pyak