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‘A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life’ – Coco Chanel. And how true is this quote! A haircut can be transformative, boost confidence and create a fresh new look. Every year new haircut trends are predicted by professional hairstylists and are flaunted by celebrities that set the tone for the hottest haircut trends. For 2023, different types of hairstyles for girls in India include adding lots of texture, enhancing volume and embracing natural hair. Below we will share with you types of haircuts for girls with names and how to create them. 

Hottest Haircut Trends for Girls in India: The Basics 

This year, 80s and 90s popular haircuts are making a comeback with a modern twist. From types of short haircuts for girls to different types of haircuts for girls for long hair, read on below to know what are the top seven different types haircuts for Indian girls that will trend in the year 2023.   

Top 7 Hottest Haircut Trends for Girls in India 

1. Curtain Bangs 

The Hottest Haircut Trends for Girls in India | Top 7

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Are you looking for a hairstyle trend that is super stylish and yet takes you back in the retro era? Then curtain bangs is the apt choice of hairstyle. They are a style of bangs that are parted in the middle, and they frame the face on both sides to create a soft effect.  

How to Create the Look 

  • Create a triangular section at the front of your hairline. Clip back the remaining hair away from the bangs section. 
  • Decide on the length of your curtain bangs. Hold the bangs section vertically between your fingers, parallel to your face.
  • Use hair-cutting shears to trim the ends. Start with small cuts and adjust the length gradually. 
  • To achieve the curtain effect, take small sections of the bangs and gently twist them away from your face. Use the scissors to create soft, subtle point cuts along the edges of the bangs.  

2. Textured Lob 

The Hottest Haircut Trends for Girls in India | Top 7

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One of the most trendy and chic hairstyles that has gained momentum in recent years has been a lob haircut, also known as a long bob. Textured lob is a variation of the classic lob that incorporates layers and textures to add movement and volume.  

How to Create the Look 

  • Divide your hair into sections and decide on the desired length for your lob. It typically falls around the collarbone. 
  • Using shears, trim the hair evenly across the baseline. Take small sections of the hair and point cut or slide cut the hair, which involves cutting the hair vertically or diagonally to create texture and movement. 
  • Once the layers are created, comb through the hair to bring the layers together and make necessary adjustments to ensure they flow smoothly. 

3. Feathered Bob 

The Hottest Haircut Trends for Girls in India | Top 7

Image Credits: @jamiekeikohair; @miraclesbylaila

A feathered bob combines the classic bob cut with feathered layers, resulting in a soft and textured look. It involves creating layers that are slightly longer in the front and gradually shorter towards the back. 

How to Create the Look 

  • Divide the hair and create a classic bob to establish the initial length.  
  • Starting at the front, take a small section of hair and hold it at a 45-degree angle from the head. Use the scissors to point cut the ends of the hair, creating a feathered effect. 
  • Repeat the process throughout the front sections, working towards the back. Style your hair by blow-drying it to add volume and a slight curve to the ends. 

4. The Shag Cut 

The Hottest Haircut Trends for Girls in India | Top 7

Image Credits: @adraiana_papaleo; @jazzbrickhouse

The shag cut is very rock ‘n’ roll that includes choppy ends, lots of texture, movement and volume throughout the hair. The layers in a shag cut are typically shorter on top and longer towards the bottom.  

How to Create the Look 

  • Decide the length of the shag cut. It can vary from a short shag to a longer shag, depending on your desired look.  
  • Use the scissors to point cut or slide cut the ends of the hair, creating choppy layers. Repeat this process throughout the hair, focusing on the top and middle sections to create shorter layers.  
  • For dimension and framing, add face-framing layers around the front of your face. Customise the length of the layers to suit your face shape.

5. Pixie Cut

The Hottest Haircut Trends for Girls in India | Top 7

Image Credits: @shorthairstyles_com; @short_hair_sweethearts

Pixie is a low maintenance, befitting short hairstyle for women of all ages. This chic haircut is characterised by its cropped length, sides and back.   

How to Create the Look 

  • Divide your hair into sections by creating partings from ear to ear and sectioning off the top portion of your hair. Tie the top section away temporarily.  
  • Start at the nape of your neck and work your way up, cutting the hair on the sides and back to your desired length. 
  • Untie the top section and starting at the front, take small sections and cut the hair to your desired length. You can opt for longer bangs or a shorter, textured top, customising it according to your style preference.

6. Curly Bangs

The Hottest Haircut Trends for Girls in India | Top 7

Image Credits: @lindsayshair

The year 2023 is all about embracing your natural curls. From wavy tresses to bounciest curls, curly bangs can work for any curl type. Curly bangs add a playful yet stylish touch to curly hair, highlighting the natural texture. 

Curly hair is frizzy and can easily get tangled. To maintain the curly haircut, it requires intense moisturisation. For smooth hair, we recommend using TRESemme Smooth & Shine Shampoo and TRESemme Smooth & Shine Conditioner. Enriched with vitamin H and silk protein, this shampoo controls frizz and flyaways without weighing down the hair, resulting in manageable and detangled hair. Vitamin H helps in maintaining the health of the hair, while silk protein helps in moisturising and improving its elasticity.   

How to Create the Look 

  • For any types of bangs, create a triangular section at the front. Determine the length of your curly fringe. Keep in mind that curly hair tends to shrink when dry, therefore, it is recommended to cut the fringe slightly longer than the desired length. 
  • Use sharp shears to trim the ends, and it is generally better to start with a longer length and make additional trims if necessary.  
  • Once the fringe is cut, apply a curl-enhancing product like a gel or a mousse to create a desired look. Scrunch the fringe gently to encourage curl formation. 

7. Side Swept Bangs 

The Hottest Haircut Trends for Girls in India | Top 7

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Side-swept bangs are a most popular and classic hairstyle because they work well with most hair types, lengths and face shapes. If you’re looking for types of haircuts for teenage girl, the side-swept bangs will add cuteness to the whole look.    

How to Create the Look 

  • Create a triangle at the front. Hold the section down in front of your face and determine how long you want your bangs to be. 
  • Decide on which side you want your bangs to fall. If you want the bangs to sweep down onto the left side of your face, comb it flat against the right side, and vice versa. 
  • Start cutting your hair while holding the sharp side of your shears facing up. Cut your hair at an angle so that your right side is shorter than the left (if you want the bangs to fall on the left). 

FAQs about 7 of the Hottest Haircuts Trends for Girls in India 

Q1. How to maintain bangs? 

A. Haircuts like bangs require regular trimming to keep the shape and length intact. Additionally, styling with proper hair care products for your hair type and protecting the hair from heat can help maintain the haircut’s look.  

Q2. What haircuts are suitable for round face shape? 

A. Haircuts like long layers, side-swept bangs, asymmetrical bob and textured shag will suit people with a round face. 

Q3. How often should you get a haircut? 

A. The frequency of haircuts depends on the length and style. Getting a trim every 3 months can help maintain the shape and health of your haircut. However, it is based on individual hair growth rates and preferences. 

Trends come and go, but it is essential to choose a haircut that complements your face shape, hair texture and personal style. If you’re not sure which haircut will suit your face type or hair texture, consult a professional hairstylist and get yourself one of these trendy haircuts in 2023.