Thick, long and luscious hair is a dream for all. Come to think of it, we are working so hard, and right from the time we step out in the morning (barring the pandemic period) to when we come back at night, our hair is the first thing that gets attacked. From the pollutants and dust that get tangled in the hair and snatch its lustre, to the stress we take up, which almost always leads to premature greying, there is a lot that our hair goes through. But you know what, we have the solutions too, and most of them are natural. That means that you do not need to pile chemicals on your hair and scalp for them to look great. One such amazing ingredient is brahmi. Brahmi benefits for hair are many and it is supremely effective as well. In this article, we will take you through all the brahmi benefits for hair. Gorgeous and thick locks are just a few words away. Let’s start. 

Brahmi Benefits for Hair: The Basics  

Brahmi Benefits for Hair | Everything You Need to Know

The botanical or scientific name for brahmi is Bacopa Monnieri. Slightly bitter in taste, it is known to not only be beneficial upon topical application, but also when ingested. It can be added to your daily salads and smoothies as well to amp up their nutritional value in no time! 

7 Brahmi Benefits for Hair  

Brahmi Benefits for Hair | Everything You Need to Know

Brahmi is packed with a lot of nutrients. Whether ingested or applied, it helps with a lot of things, from bodily functions to skin and hair care, brahmi has a lot to offer. But for now, let’s focus on brahmi benefits for hair. 

1. Promotes hair growth 

Brahmi Benefits for Hair | Everything You Need to Know

The first and foremost benefit that brahmi provides for hair is that it promotes hair growth. It helps make the hair follicles stronger, thus helping new and denser hair growth. 

2. Prevents split ends 

Brahmi Benefits for Hair | Everything You Need to Know

Ugh! Absolutely no one likes split ends. They not only make the hair look limp and frizzy, but also affect the growth and quality of hair. Brahmi helps heal split ends and also prevents more from occurring. 

3. Thickens hair 

Brahmi Benefits for Hair | Everything You Need to Know

Thin and limp hair is a strict no-no! This also leads to people trimming off a considerable length of their hair because the tresses look so dead. Brahmi solves that problem. It makes hair stronger and also provides nourishment from within, follicles and lengths included. This helps hair look thicker and shinier, with better hair growth. 

4. Acts as a natural conditioner 

Brahmi Benefits for Hair | Everything You Need to Know

Did you know that brahmi can also be used to create a natural conditioner that helps detangle hair and make it smooth and shiny. It also protects hair from free radicals that damage it. 

5. Prevents dandruff 

Brahmi Benefits for Hair | Everything You Need to Know

Have an overdried scalp that is leading to flakiness and eventual fungal infections like dandruff? Brahmi hair packs can calm and soothe your scalp, balance the sebum levels and prevent dandruff. It is an excellent remedy to ensure that dandruff goes away and does not come back. 

6. Helps with hair fall 

Brahmi Benefits for Hair | Everything You Need to Know

Damaged hair means excessive hair fall. Brahmi, with all its goodness, tackles that damage. It nourishes the hair and gives it the nourishment that strengthens it. It makes the follicles and roots stronger, helping better and stronger hair to grow back. It also prevents the existing hair from falling. 

The Indulekha Bringha Hair Strengthening Serum is made with 12 potent herbs that gets easily absorbed in the hair strands and help to strengthen them from within and reduces hairfall. It contains brahmi along with bringharaj, amla, hibiscus, methi, and several essential oils that are known to strengthen your hair from within and reduce hair fall. 

Apply a few drops of this serum on towel-dry hair from roots to tips, avoiding the scalp. For best results use this serum twice a week 

7. Prevents greying of hair 

Brahmi Benefits for Hair | Everything You Need to Know

The nutrients present in Brahmi tackle premature greying effectively. It also calms and soothes the scalp, and is effective in reducing stress which is one of the main contributing causes of premature greying. Along with some effective essential oils, Brahmi helps prevent greying of hair

Brahmi, Amla and Neem Hair Pack 

Brahmi Benefits for Hair | Everything You Need to Know

While brahmi in itself is amazing, the hair packs where it is mixed with other ingredients are better. Brahmi and neem hair pack is the best remedy to cure hair loss and also enhance hair growth. Further, neem is a great antifungal agent and helps cleanse the scalp thoroughly, getting rid of dandruff and any such infections. 


  • Take half a cup of brahmi powder 

  • Take half a cup of amla powder 

  • Take half a cup of neem powder 

  • Take half a cup of shikakai powder 

  • Take half a cup of reetha powder 

  • Mix all of them together, add a little water and make a paste 

  • Apply this on the scalp and hair, from root to tip 

  • Let it sit for an hour 

  • Rinse off using a regular shampoo, preferably a sulfate-free one 

FAQs about Brahmi Benefits for Hair   

Should I leave Brahmi in my hair? 

Unlike most oils, brahmi oil can be left in your hair overnight unless your scalp is extremely oily and greasy. The only exception is when you use Brahmi as a hair mask or paste, it's practical to rinse it off after drying. 

Is brahmi oil effective for growing hair? 

When you apply Brahmi oil to your hair regularly, you'll notice a reduction in flakiness, itching, and dryness. The result is always healthy-looking hair. It is also effective in reducing hair loss and promoting hair growth. You can apply it directly to your scalp or combine it with carrier oil.  

Can I apply Brahmi powder on my hair? 

Yes, of course! There are numerous brahmi powder benefits for hair. These benefits of brahmi powder include nourishing the roots, speeding up hair growth, and promoting healthy scalp skin. It can reduce dandruff, itching, flakiness and dry scalp conditions.